Person:Jonas Weed (3)

Jonas Weed
b.bef 1610
  • HJonas Weedbef 1610 - bef 1676
  • WMary Unknownbef 1617 - bef 1689/90
m. bef 1637
  1. Mary Weedest 1637 - 1672
  2. John Weedest 1639 - 1714
  3. Dorcas Weedest 1641 - 1692
  4. Daniel Weedest 1643 - 1697
  5. Jonas Weedest 1645 - 1704
  6. Elizabeth Weedest 1647 - 1676
  7. Sarah Weedest 1649 - aft 1672
  8. Hannah Weedest 1649 - 1711
  9. Samuel Weedest 1653 - bef 1708
  10. Unknown Weedest 1655 - 1656
Facts and Events
Name[1] Jonas Weed
Gender Male
Birth[1] bef 1610
Emigration[1] 1630
Residence[1] 1630 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Other[1] 18 May 1631 Admitted freeman.
Residence[1] 1635 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage bef 1637 to Mary Unknown
Residence[1] 1642 Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
Will[1] 26 Nov 1672 Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
Death[1] bef 5 Jun 1676 Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
Estate Inventory[1] 5 Jun 1676 £116 9s. 6d., including £58 in real estate.
Probate[1] 7 Nov 1676 Will proved.

"The lack of any record of Jonas Weed between 18 May 1631 and 29 March 1636 may indicate that he had returned to England for part of this period. However, the clear record that he was in Wethersfield very early in 1636, and probably late in 1635, would indicate that he had already sold any land he might have had in Watertown, and could well have received a houselot and other grants of land during his stay there. Savage divided this Jonas into two men, a father at Watertown and Wethersfield, and a son at Stamford, but the records are consistent with the assumption that only one Jonas Weed was present in New England during these years."[1]

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    ORIGIN: Unknown.
    CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Member of Watertown church prior to 29 March 1636, when he was dismissed from that church in order to form a new church at Wethersfield [CCCR 1:2].
    FREEMAN: 18 May 1631 0MBCR 1:366].
    BIRTH: By 1610 based on date of freemanship. (When John Winthrop Jr. treated Jonas Weed in 1669 he gave his age as seventy [WMJ 884], but this seems inflated.)
    DEATH: Stamford between 26 November 1672 (date of will) and 5 June 1676 (date of inventory), and probably closer to the latter date.

  2.   Jonas Weed, in Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862), 4:451.

    Jonas Weed, the freem. of 18 May 1631, of wh. nothing more is told, exc. by Bond wh. discov. from Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 2, that he had been dism. from the ch. of Watertown to that of Wethersfield, but the date in Bond, p. 963, 29 May 1635, is by me confidently read 29 Mar. 1636. Of course he came in the fleet of 1630, and by Bond's reasonab. conject. in the ship with Sir Richard Saltonstall. I find a Jonas, perhaps his s. at Stamford 1669, then seek. to be made freem. of Conn. but he is accomp. in the same good purpose by JOHN wh. may be gr.s. of the first Jonas. Mr. Judd enlarges our acquaint. with him by tell. that he was of Stamford 1642, until he d. 1676, his inv. being of 5 June in that yr. He made his will Nov. 1672, nam. four s. John, Daniel, Jonas, and Samuel, four ds. May, w. of George Abbot; Dorcas Wright, w. of James; Hannah, m. 5 Jan. 1670, Benjamin Hoyt; and Sarah. His wid. Mary, d. early in 1690, at least her inv. was brot. in 10 Mar. of that yr.

The Winthrop Fleet (1630)
The Winthrop Fleet brought over 700 colonists to establish a new colony at Massachusetts Bay. The fleet consisted of eleven ships: the Arbella flagship with Capt Peter Milburne, the Ambrose, the Charles, the Mayflower, the Jewel, the Hopewell, The Success, the Trial, the Whale, the Talbot and the William and Francis.
  Sailed: April and May 1630 from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England
  Arrived: June and July 1630 at Salem, Massachusetts
  Previous Settlers: The Higginson Fleet (1629)

  Passengers: Winthrop wrote to his wife just before they set sail that there were seven hundred passengers. Six months after their arrival, Thomas Dudley wrote to Bridget Fiennes, Countess of Lincoln and mother of Lady Arbella and Charles Fiennes, that over two hundred passengers had died between their landing April 30 and the following December, 1630.
  Selected leaders and prominent settlers: Gov. John Winthrop - Richard Saltonstall - Isaac Johnson - Gov. Thomas Dudley - Gov. William Coddington - William Pynchon - William Vassall - John Revell - Robert Seely - Edward Convers - Gov. Simon Bradstreet - John Underhill - William Phelps

  Resources: The Winthrop Society - The Winthrop Fleet (Wikipedia) - Anderson's Winthrop Fleet