Person:John Pickett (10)

John Pickett
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] John Pickett
Gender Male
Birth? Unknown
Marriage to Agnes
Marriage 1755 Virginia, United Statesto Mary Elizabeth Unknown
Death? Aug 1808 , Harrison, KY, USA
Reference Number? 9427
Vital Records

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There are many John Picketts in nearly the same area, and they have been mixed up repeatedly in genealogical records. Please proceed with caution. Addition of sources is most welcome.

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    Date of Import: 8 Jan 2002

  2. Agnes Wilson Rev. War Widow's Pension Application filed on the basis of her husband James Wilson's service. (U.S. National Archives; DAR, Washington, D.C.), "... - that she was married to said James Wilson at her father's house, whose name was John Pickett, in Caroline County, Virginia, October the 16th seventeen hundred and eighty-seven...".