Person:Job Smith (11)

Job Smith
  1. Job Smithabt 1776 - aft 1850
m. bef 1805?
  1. William R. Smith1806 - 1870
  2. Noah Smith1811 - 1864
  3. Job Smith, Jr.1813 - 1895
  4. Elizabeth Smith1814 - 1883
  5. Amelia Smith1818 -
  6. James Smith1820 - 1851
Facts and Events
Name Job Smith
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt 1776 Cumberland County?, New Jersey
Alt Birth? 14 Dec 1778 Springfield, Burlington County, New Jersey(If his parents were Thomas Smith & Maribah Rockhill)
Marriage bef 1805? Muskingum County?, Ohioto Frances Unknown
Death? aft 1850 Logan County, Ohio

He appears on the 1793 New Jersey militia census [implying that he was 18-45 at that time], as a member of the 8th Company ("Stathems Neck"). 2d Regt of Cumberland Militia, in Greenwich Twp, Cumberland County.

Warren County, Ohio, 1820 census:S2

Smith, Job (agriculture - 1)
under 10 - 3
10-16 - 2
26-44 - 1
under 10 - 4
16-25 - 1
26-44 - 1

Logan County, Ohio, 1830 census:S3

Smith, Job
5-10 - 2
15-20 - 2
50-60 - 1
under 5 - 1
5-10 - 1
10-15 - 2
15-20 - 1
20-30 - 1
50-60 - 1

Logan County, Ohio, 1840 census:S4

Smith, Job
10-15 - 1
15-20 - 1
60-70 - 1
10-15 - 1
15-20 - 1
20-30 - 1
50-60 - 1

Logan County, Ohio, 1850 census:S5

Smith, Job 74 yrs b. New Jersey Farmer (real estate = $300)
      Frances wife 65 yrs b. Pennsylvania
      Amelia dau 32 yrs b. Ohio
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    Cash Entry Sale in Zanesville Office, dated 1 Dec 1830 -- 82.94 A., Twp 9N, R 12W, Sect 5.

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    The tragic fate of Stephen Ball is yet remembered, who having carried four quarters of beef to the British encampment on Staten Island, under a general promise of safety to all who would bring supplies to the army, was seized by a band of bloodyhearted refugees, taken across to Bergan Point, and hung with ten minutes' grace, the murderers having tried in vain to effect his arrest by the British officers.

    17 May 1784, James Hetfield Jr having been maliciously accursed of being instrumental and accessory to the illegal execution of Mr. Ball at Bergen Point in 1781, in justice to his own innocense requests that the following be inserted in this newspaper. (Here follows a Judges of Richmond County, NY, each to the effect that James Hetfield was in New York at the time or in other ways corroborating that he was not with the group which executed Ball.) [New Jersey Gazette]

    6 Aug 1784 - Phebe Smith, Staten Island, requests the Editor to publish two affidavits annexed to her letter. Her husband Job Smith was extradited to New Jersey at the request of Governor Livingston and lodged in the Essex County gaol on 10 May 1784, then being charged with murdering Stephen Ball, late of Elizabeth Town, on Bergen Point in Bergen County, and also with robbing Joseph Baldwin and Zophar Lyon. After a strict investigation, his former prosecutors have found that Job Smith is innocent of the charge. David Ball certifies that while he heretofore had reason to believe that Mr Job Smith was instrumental in the death of his son who was executed and murdered in 1781, he now believes him to be innocent. Zophar Lyon, Joseph Baldwin and Luther Baldwin, in the presence of John Hendricks Jr and Baker Hendricks, certify that having fully investigated the charge against Job Smith for having robbed Zopher Lyon and Joseph Baldwin about Oct 1781, they believe him to be innocent. [from New York Gazetteer]

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