Person:Jessica Borrill (5)

Jessica (Jessie) Borrill
m. 21 SEP 1879
  1. William Sherwood Borrill1881 - 1917
  2. Alfred Charles Borrill1883 - 1973
  3. Henry James Borrill1885 -
  4. Florence Elizabeth (Flori) Borrill1887 -
  5. Alice Borrill1893 - 1912
  6. Jessica (Jessie) Borrill1895 -
  7. Albert Borrill1898 - 1979
  8. John Harold (Jack) Borrill1900 - 1961
  • HArthur Byles1889 -
  • WJessica (Jessie) Borrill1895 -
m. SEP 1914
Facts and Events
Name Jessica (Jessie) Borrill
Gender Female
Birth? JUN 1895 Willesden, Middlesex, England_UID: D096D0A5-7D51-4596-AB00-58601B83B5E6 RIN: MH:IF1454
Marriage SEP 1914 St George Hanover Square_UID: 9FC08E91-CD77-4DB9-8AC9-34FE307BCB5A RIN: MH:FF2464
to Arthur Byles
Death? _UID: E105CE0C-CFDF-4039-ADCC-EFFBCE4B9764 RIN: MH:IF12795
Vital Records

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RIN: MH:I1053