Person:James McDonald (44)

James McDonald
d.bef Mar 1935
m. abt 1872
  1. James McDonaldabt 1872 - bef 1935
  2. Henry McDonald1876 - 1957
Facts and Events
Name James McDonald
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt 1872 probably Montague Co., Texas, United States
Death? bef Mar 1935
Vital Records

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1880 Census Precinct 3, Montague Co., Texas
McDonald, Mary M F 24 Wd AR GA KY
McDonald, James W M 8 son S TX MO AR
McDonald, Henry W M 5 son S TX MO AR
'Mary' and sons are next hh to Cash and Mazie McDonald who were her father-in-law and his second wife. This 'Mary' is thought to be Millie E. Jackson. Helen Thompson Strange points us to the gravestone inscription for Joseph McDonald which says:
"Joseph McDonald
1853 - 1876
Husband of Millie Jackson McDonald"
and Millie's obituary which mentions son Henry. And then Henry's 1957 death record names his parents as Joe McDonald and Millie Jackson. (Texas Deaths, 1890-1976 at

Researcher Helen Strange says "I checked the obit on Millie Elmira Jackson Mixon it is dated March 14, 1935. It does not show James McDonald as a surviving son.

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