Person:James Baile (1)

James Hamilton Baile
b.21 Oct 1850
d.29 Aug 1933
m. 13 Sept 1838
  1. Nancy Jane Baile1839 - 1922
  2. Sarah Ann Baile1841 - 1877
  3. Susanna Eby Baile1843 - 1941
  4. Emma Virginia Baile1845 - 1846
  5. Elizabeth Virginia Baile1847 - 1893
  6. James Hamilton Baile1850 - 1933
  7. Minnie Clare Baile1855 -
  8. John Charles Baile1857 - 1939
  9. Wealthea Lovina Baile1860 -
  10. Clifton Augustus Baile1867 - 1962
  • HJames Hamilton Baile1850 - 1933
  • W.  Flora Hale (add)
  • HJames Hamilton Baile1850 - 1933
  • W.  Nellie Mitchell (add)
Facts and Events
Name James Hamilton Baile
Gender Male
Birth[1] 21 Oct 1850
Marriage first wife
to Flora Hale (add)
Marriage second wife
to Nellie Mitchell (add)
Death[1] 29 Aug 1933
Vital Records

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James H. Baile, married to Flora Hale, resides near Warrensburg, Missouri. He has one child, Tacy.[2]

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