Person:Israel Boone (2)

m. 23 Sep 1720
  1. Sarah Boone1724 - 1815
  2. Israel Boone1726 - 1756
  3. Samuel Boone1728 - abt 1816
  4. Jonathan Boone1730 - 1808
  5. Elizabeth Boone1733/34 - 1814
  6. Daniel Boone1734 - 1820
  7. Mary "Polly" Boone1736 - 1819
  8. George Boone1739 - 1820
  9. Edward "Ned" Boone1740 - 1780
  10. Nathaniel Booneabt 1742 -
  11. Squire Boone, Jr.1744 - 1815
  12. Hannah Boone1746 - 1828
m. bef 31 Dec 1747
  1. Hannah Boone
  2. Jesse Boone1748 - 1829
  3. Johnathan Boone1750 -
  4. Elizabeth Boone1752 -
  5. Sara Boone1754 -
  6. Sarah Boone1754 -
  7. John Boone1755 - 1835
Facts and Events
Name Israel Boone
Gender Male
Birth[1] 20 May 1726 New Britain (township), Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States[New Style]
Marriage bef 31 Dec 1747 Berks County, Pennsylvaniato Unknown Female
Other[1][2] 31 Dec 1747 Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania, United StatesExeter MM - Israel is testified against for "Marrying out"
Death[1] 26 Jun 1756 Yadkin, Rowan, North Carolina, United Statesdied of consumption
Religion[1] Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania, United StatesQuaker - Exeter MM
Burial? pos Joppa CemeteryCitation needed
Vital Records

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Research Notes

  • He died and supposedly was buried in Rowan (now Davie) County.
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    (2) Israel BOONE b 20 May 1726 (NS) or 9 May (OS) [details p38 SPRAKER]. d 26 June 1756 Yadkin, Rowan Co, NC and Daniel BOONE reared his children, d bef June 1756 in Rowan Co, NC of “consumption” as recorded by the Moravians who treated him near Winston-Salem, NC. SPRAKER says "He was testified against in Exeter Meeting for "Marrying out," Dec 31, 1747. The name of his wife is unknown, but recent mtDNA tests have proven that she was not of American Indian descent, which some have opined in recent years.

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