Person:Isaac Downing (4)

Isaac Edward (Eddie) Downing
b.15 DEC 1835 Waverly, Pike, Ohio
d.ABT 1900 Pike, Ohio
m. 1834
  1. Isaac Edward (Eddie) Downing1835 - ABT 1900
  2. Abisha Downing, Jr.1838 -
  • HIsaac Edward (Eddie) Downing1835 - ABT 1900
  • WRebecca Hicks1837 - 1897
m. 25 DEC 1858
  1. Simun Downing1860 -
  2. Abisha Downing1864 -
  3. Ada A. Downing1865 - 1945
  4. Lulu M. Downing1867 -
  5. Mattie L. DowningABT 1870 -
  6. Dara B. Downing1873 -
  7. Eddie Downing1875 -
  8. Leota Downing1877 -
  9. James Lester Downing1881 - 1942
Facts and Events
Name[1] Isaac Edward (Eddie) Downing
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3] 15 DEC 1835 Waverly, Pike, Ohio
Census[5] 1850 Pee Pee Township, Pike, Ohio
Marriage 25 DEC 1858 Waverly, Pike, Ohioto Rebecca Hicks
Census[7] 1860 Pee Pee Township, Pike, Ohio
Census 1860 Pee Pee Township, Waverly, Pike, Ohiowith Rebecca Hicks
Occupation[6] 1870 a Teamster
Census[6] 1870 Waverly, Pike, Ohio
Census 1870 Waverly, Pike, Ohiowith Rebecca Hicks
Occupation[3] 1880 a Laborer
Census[3] 1880 Pee-Pee Township, Pike, Ohio
Census 1880 Pee-Pee Township, Pike, Ohiowith Rebecca Hicks
Death[4] ABT 1900 Pike, Ohio
Vital Records

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Eddie's father Abisha Sr. died when he was three. His mother was a few months pregnant with Abisha Jr. She then married Abisha's brother Joseph, Eddie's uncle. Joseph had lost his second wife just a few months after his younger brother Abisha Sr. died. Eddie and Abisha Jr. were raised by their uncle and their mother.

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