Person:Hokolesqua Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Name Hokolesqua
Gender Male
Birth? 1630 Shawnee Nation, Virginia
Marriage abt 1679 to Pasmere Carpenter
Death? 1681 Shawnee Nation, Pennsylvania
  1.   Schutz, Noel, and Don Greene. Shawnee Heritage I: Shawnee Genealogy and Family History. (, 2008).

    "674. Hokolesqua (1) - Chalakatha (or maybe 1/2 Chalakatha-Powhatan) born 1630 southwest VA - died 1696 west PA - son of Chalakatha Man & Chalakatha Woman (or possibly Nikkiti Powhatan), some connection/relation with Straight Tail-Pekowi, Nepikeweewa Chalakatha/1625-wife of John (Spemcia Helene-Big Man) Greenwood, Pride Chalakatha/1615-wife of Thomas Pashmere Carpenter, Locha Chalakatha/1640-wife of Trader Tom Carpenter & Mikona Chalakatha/1644-wife of Tom (Skootekitehi) Greenwood, Pheasant-Pekowi & parents of Standing Turkey-Old Hop family-Chalakatha, husband 1662 Running Water TN of Pashmere Carpenter (1)/1637-1/2 Chalakatha-Metis, father of Okowellos Hokolesqua/1674-3/4th Chalakatha-Metis"

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