Person:Henry Goff (3)

Henry Franklin Goff
b.14 NOV 1844 Ware, Massachusetts
m. 9 NOV 1843
  1. Henry Franklin Goff1844 -
  2. Ellen Maria Goff1846 - 1893
  3. Mary Jane Goff1851 - 1914
  4. Emma Amelia Goff1859 -
  • HHenry Franklin Goff1844 -
  • WLouise Lahr - BEF 1900
  1. Edith Marion Goff1883 -
  2. Louise Goff1884 -
  3. Isabel Goff1888 -
Facts and Events
Name Henry Franklin Goff
Gender Male
Birth[1] 14 NOV 1844 Ware, Massachusetts
Occupation? 1900 - Janitor in high school.
Residence? 1860 Ware, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts
Residence? 1900 Oakland, Alameda Co., California
Vital Records

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  1. Birth record does not give his forename, but identifies his father.