Person:Helen Ellison (1)

m. 14 Feb 1864
  1. Parley Grafton Ellison1865 - 1931
  2. Helen Duett Ellison1867 - 1931
  3. Susan Helena Ellison1869 -
  4. Rose Ellison1871 - 1894
  5. Minnie May Ellison1875 - 1931
  6. Sarah Mattie Ellison1876 - 1905
  7. Jesse Travis Ellison1878 - 1957
  8. Ardenia Zou Ellison1881 -
m. 24 Feb 1904
  1. Jessie Virginia Hunt1905 - 1985
Facts and Events
Name Helen Duett Ellison
Alt Name Ellen D. and Luette
Gender Female
Birth[3] 10 Nov 1867 Station Creek, Near Eagle Springs, Coryell, Texas
Marriage 24 Feb 1904 Holbrook, Navajo, Arizona, United Statesto Gov. George Wylie Paul Hunt
Death[3] 18 Apr 1931 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, United States
Burial? Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, United StatesPapago Park
Vital Records

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  1.   Coryell, Texas, United States. 1870 U.S. Census Population Schedule, pp 211-212, 1870.

    37 Smith, Henry M 51 M W Farmer 1000 1200 North Carolina
    38 Sarah S. 48 F W Keeping House Tennessee
    39 Joseph M 23 M W Farm Laborer Texas
    40 Henry 15 M W do [ditto] [ditto]

    01 Smith, William 6 M W Texas
    02 Elison, Jessee 27 M W Stock Raiser 500 1000? [ditto]
    [Jesse Ellison, son of Jesse & Isabella Stuart Ellison]
    03 Susan 24 F W Keeping House [ditto]
    [Susan Melvina Smith Ellison, Daughter of Henry & Sarah Smith]
    04 Perlie 5 M W [ditto]
    05 Luette 3 F W [ditto]
    06 Loena 1 F W [ditto]

  2.   Shackelford, Texas, United States. 1880 U.S. Census Population Schedule, p 452B, 1880.

    Jessee W. ELLISON Self M Male W 36 AL Farmer & Cattle Raiser AL AL
    Susan ELLISON Wife M Female W 34 TX Keeping House TN TN
    Parley G. ELLISON Son S Male W 15 TX At Home AL TX
    Ellen D. ELLISON Dau S Female W 12 TX At School AL TX
    Lena ELLISON Dau S Female W 11 TX At School AL TX
    Rosa ELLISON Dau S Female W 9 TX AL TX
    Minnie ELLISON Dau S Female W 6 TX AL TX
    Mattie ELLISON Dau S Female W 5 TX AL TX
    Jessie ELLISON Son S Male W 1 TX AL TX
    Robert SAMUELS Other S Male W 22 VA Cattle Driver VA VA
    Lewis HALL Other S Male W 22 LA Cattle Driver LA LA

  3. 3.0 3.1 Inscription on marker, in Find A Grave, Helen Duett Ellison Hunt.