Person:Harry Lyle (1)

Harry Wilmer Lyle
m. 11 Mar 1864
  1. Matilda Judith Lyle1867 - 1949
  2. George Ambrose Lyle1870 - 1894
  3. Delbert Lyle1873 - 1948
  4. Harry Wilmer Lyle1876 - 1954
m. 29 Jun 1901
Facts and Events
Name[6] Harry Wilmer Lyle
Baptismal Name[6] Henry Lyle
Gender Male
Birth[1] 17 Oct 1876 Manchester, Ontario, Ontario, Canada
Census[3] 4 Apr 1881 Reach, Ontario, Ontario, CanadaCensus of Canada 1881
Census[4] 5 Apr 1891 Reach, Ontario, Ontario, CanadaCensus of Canada 1891
Marriage 29 Jun 1901 Toronto, Ontario, Canadato Frances Arnold
Census[5] 1 Jun 1911 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaCensus of Canada 1911
Burial[2] Nov 1954 Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Death[7] 20 Nov 1954 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Harry Lyle was born seven months after the death of his father. Since 1873 the family had been living in the hamlet of Manchester in what was then Reach Township, Ontario County. His mother, Elizabeth, was left with four young children and no means of support for them other than that provided by her father, Ambrose Atkinson. During the next five years there were a number of advertisements in the North Ontario Observer phrased something like "House in Manchester, going cheap." In 1880, Elizabeth married a local farmer, William Gilroy, who had five children from a previous marriage. Harry spent the rest of his formative years on the Gilroy farm. He moved to Toronto to seek a living and in 1901 married Frances Arnold.

  1. Reg'n 016002/76, in Ontario Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths. Ontario, Canada. Ontario Canada Births and Stillbirths (MS929). (Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Archives of Ontario), Reel 24 .

    Henry Lyle born 17 Oct 1876, male, in County of Ontario, Division of Reach.
    Son of Henry Lyle (farmer, now deceased) and Elizabeth Atkinson.
    Informant: Ambrose Atkinson, gentleman of Uxbridge (signed in his own hand)

  2. Mount Pleasant Cemetery Burial.

    Section 41, Plot 558. Inscription begins: In loving memory of Harry W Lyle;;;, 1876-1954, beloved husband of Frances Arnold, 1877-1967, ....

  3. Canada. 1881 Census of Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada), C-13245, page 22, Family 109, 4 Apr 1881.

    William Gilroy, 46, m, b Ontario, farmer
    Elizabeth Gilroy, 35, m, b England
    [five children of William Gilroy]
    Judith Matilda Lyle, 14, s, b Ontario
    George Ambrose Lyle, 11, b Ontario
    John Henry Dell Lyle, 8, b Ontario
    Henry Wilmer Lyle, 4, b Ontario

  4. Canada. 1891 Census of Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada), T-6358, Ontario, District 101: Ontario South, Subdistrict 40, 5 Apr 1891.

    Reach, Division 7, page 8, family 43
    William Gilroy, 54, m, b Ontario, farmer
    Elizabeth Gilroy, 43, m, b England
    [three children of William Gilroy]
    Milton Gilroy, 6, s, b Ontario
    Merle Gilroy, 1, s, b Ontario
    George Lyle, 20, s, b Ontario, stockman
    John Delbert Lyle, 17, s, b Ontario, farm labourer
    Harry Lyle, 14, s, b Ontario

  5. Canada. 1911 Census of Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada), T-20402, District 126, SubDistrict 35, page 6, family 55, 1 Jun 1911.

    Location described as 99 Borden Street, Ward Four, Toronto North [electoral district]
    Harry Lyle, m, head, m, 35, b Sep 1876, Ontario, salesman
    Frances Lyle, f, wife, m, 33, b Dec 1878, Ontario
    [three children of Harry and Frances Lyle]
    Christina Arnold, f, mother, w, 54, Aug 1857, Scotland, immigrated 1861
    Earnest Arnold, m, brother, s, 24, Mar 1887, Ontario, pressing
    Robert Arnold, m, brother, s, 22, Mar 1889, Ontario, office
    Annie Arnold, f, sister, s, 31, Feb 1880, Ontario
    [two further members of the household]

    The family details were given by Frances Lyle. All the relationships point to her.

  6. 6.0 6.1 The birth registation of Harry Wilmer Lyle was in the name Henry Lyle. Sometime during the next twenty years he became more commonly referred to as Harry and his formal name was Harry or Henry Wilmer. The source of the second name, Wilmer, is unknown.
  7. Ontario Death Registrations are not available to the public until 75 years after the death. The formal papers relating to it were not passed on to me. Howeve, I recall the death of my grandfather. It was definitely a Saturday in November and the year was 1954 as confirmed by the gravestone. The 20th was the most likely date.
  8.   Harry Lyle has not been found on the censuses of 1901 (occurred before his marriage) and the Prairie Provinces census of 1916.