Person:Hannah Lee (32)

Hannah Lee
Facts and Events
Name[1] Hannah Lee
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1806
Death[1] 9 May 1872 Lewes, Sussex, Delaware, United States
Vital Records

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    Hannah, born about 1806 ; died 9th of May, 1872, at Lewes, Delaware; married, on the 5th of May, 1840, at Alexandria, the Rev. Kensey Johns Stewart, D. D., of the Episcopal Church ; they had the following named children : i, Sally Lee, born 10th April and died 25th August, 1841. 2, David, born 6th April, 1842 ; died 8th July, 1847. 3, Hannah Philippa Lee, born 7th September, 1844; died 21st August, 1845. 4, Mary Eliza Kennedy, born 31st January, 1847. 5, Edmund Lee, born 30th January, 1851; died 21st May, 1857. 6, James Van Dyke, born 30th April, 1853 ; died 14th May, 1857. Of these children, Mary Eliza Kennedy Stewart married, on 25th of October, 1869, at Gordonsville, Warner Minor Woodward, of Richmond, and has the following children : Stewart Minor, Edmund Lee, Mary Stewart, John Douglas (born 10th August, 1879 ; died 15th June, 1880), Mildred Minor, and Lettice Lee Woodward.