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Grizzell Coleman
  1. John Coleman - BEF 1729
  2. Daniel ColemanABT 1693 - BEF 1772
  3. Darby Coleman1695 - 1738
  4. Thomas Coleman1700 -
  5. Elizabeth Coleman1702 -
  6. Grizzell Coleman1705 - 1759
m. ABT 1720
  1. Thomas WhitlockABT 1726 -
  2. Sarah WhitlockABT 1729 -
  3. Grizzell WhitlockABT 1731 -
  4. John WhitlockABT 1733 - 1774
  5. Robert WhitlockABT 1736 - 1804
  6. Anne WhitlockAFT 1738 -
  7. William WhitlockABT 1745 - 1805
Facts and Events
Name Grizzell Coleman
Gender Female
Birth? 1705 King William Co., VA
Marriage ABT 1720 to John Whitlock
Death? Feb 1759 Goochland Co., VA


In the name of God Amen I Grizel Whitlock of Goochland County and parish of St.James Northam being at this time Sick and Low in Body but of sound mind and Memory thanks to almighty God, do make and ordain this my last will & Testament in Manner and form following.

First I comit my soul to Almighty God, in an thro' the merits of my Redeemer Jesus Christ and my Body to be Dicently Burried at the Direction of my Executors hereafter Named.

Item I give and Bequeath to my Loving Son William Whitlock the tract or parcel of Land whereone I now live it being the Lands and Planatation which I purchased of Robert Williamson Consisting of two hundred & fifty Acres to him and his heirs forever.

But if should be please God tha my aforesaid son William should Dye before he arives to the Age of Twenty one Years or leaves Lawfull Isue then my Will and Desire is that my Daughter Anne shall have the Aforesaid Lands & plantation to her and her heirs forever.

Item I give and Bequeath to my Daughters Sarrah Bibb and Grizel Allbriton my Negroe Harry to them and their heirs forever.

I also give to my Daughter Grizel one new Pewter Dish.

Item I Give and bequeath to my Daughter Anne my Brass Kettle one box Iron one Bason & one Pewter Dish to her and her heirs forever. also my Chest of Drawers to her & her heirs forever.

I do hereby Constitue and Appoint my Loving son John Whitlock & James Woodson my Whole & Sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament hereby Revoking and annuling all other or former wills by me heretofore made In Witness whereof and to every part of this my last will and Testament I have hereunto set my hand & Affixed my Seal this 8th Day of February One thousand seven hundred & fifty nine.

Signed Sealed & Acknowledged her to be my last will in presence of Grizel X Whitlock

  Josias Payne Junr.	Mark          
  Robbert Whitlock
  Jn Daniel Coleman

At a Court held for Goochland County February the 20th 1759. This Writing was proved by the Oaths of Josias Payne, Junior, and Robert Whitlock, Witnesses hereto to be the last Will and Testament of Grizel Whitlock deceased, which was Admitted to Record.

Teste: Val Woodle Cur.

There is additional information about details given in the above will in the Goochland Co., Virginia Court Order and Minute Books.

May 20,1751 Thomas Whitlock buys from John Goode 200 acres on branches of the Beaverdam Creek, north side of James River bounded by Jacob Oglesby, John Sims dec'd line, Francis Amos line.

May 21,1751 Robert Williamson of St.James, Goochland sells to Grisell Whitlock of King Wm. County, 250 acres, bounded by James Christian, John Goo[de]s, Francis Amos. This is the land Grizel Whitlock mentions in her will.

In February 1759 Thomas Whitlock contests the validity of the will of Grizel Coleman. It would be interesting to see on what grounds he contested.

Grizel had seven children, Thomas, Grizel, Robert, John, Sarah, William and Anne. William and Anne were both under age 21 in 1759 as they chose James Woodson as their guardian. It is assumed this is the James Woodson who married Elizabeth Whitlock Jul.23,1754 Goochland Co., Virginia.

The Inventory of Grizel Whitlock's estate was done May 15,1759 by Josias Payne Jr., Humphrey Parrish Jr. & Drury Christian.

It is not clear who the Thomas Whitlock is who is shown on the Tithe List for Southam Parish, Northam Parish & King William parish Dd Jun.10,1746. All persons over age 16 are listed, wives are not listed separately and there is no Grizel Whitlock listed which would imply Thomas was possibly her husband. Grizel does not appear separately until 1751.

There are several clues that seem to converge here. The mystery of the identity of Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock's husband, possibly a Thomas Whitlock. The Elizabeth Whitlock who married James Woodson in 1754, possibly a sister-in-law to Grizel Whitlock. James & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Woodson do name their eldest son Thomas Woodson. There are also numerous Tarleton Woodsons related to James & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Woodson. This could also be a clue to the origins of the family headed by Tarleton Whitlock.

Source: R78/361,362,367; R1056; R1149: R1649


One of the continuing mysteries of this research is Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock of Goochland Co., Virginia. We know she was the daughter of Daniel Coleman as he mentions her in a land document in 1739. In 1751 she purchases 250 acres as Grizel Whitlock on Beaverdam Creek in Goochland Co. but is shown as “of King William Co.” We have her will from 1759 but still have not been able to determine who her husband was. The latest addition to our files is the Inventory of Grizel’s estate send in by Geneva Campbell. I find inventories tell a great deal about the person life and Grizel’s is no exception. Lots of basic farming utensils including sheep shears and carding devises and a spinning wheel. I hope you find it of interest.

Inventory of GRIZEL WHITLOCK estate returned signed by JOS. PAYNE, JR., Humphrey Parrish, Jr. and Drury Christian

In pursuance of an Order Goochland Court Feb.y 1759. We the Subscribers have apprais’d the Estate of Grizel Whitlock Dec. Viz.

1 Negoe fellow Harry £55 1 Smoothe bore Gun 12 6 1 Doz. Plates 12 2 New Pewter Dishes 10 1 Bason 3 6 2 Old Basons & Dish 5 6 3 Old Dishes 4 5 Pewter Spoons & Old Tankard 2 3 5 Knives and forks 2/6.1 Water Jugg 1/8 4 2 1 Brass Kettle 25/ .3 Bells 8/6 1 13 6 3 Old hoes and 1 old Ax 4 6 1 Old hamer 1 Aug’r 1 Draw Knife 3 3 2 Axes & Grub’g hoe 6 2 hill’g hoes 5/ 11 0 10 Wedges & Small Plough 7 6 1 Bushel Salt 4/6 2 Iron Potts 4/6 9 0 1 Chest with Draws 15/1 15 0 2 Prs. Old Cards 1/3 1 3 1 Box Iron & Heaters 5 0 1 Pr. Sheep Shairs 1 Glass salt 1 Candle Stick ) 3 0 1 Candle Mould ) 1 Spinning Wheal 3 6 1 Search and Sifter 2/6, 2 old Sives 1/ 3 6 2 Old Baggs and 1 Water Pail 2/ 2 0 1 Old Prayer Book 1/ 3 Old Chairs 2/ 3 0 1 Grind Stone 7/6 7 6 A Parcel of Plank 12/6 half a Cowhide 2/9 15 3 A Parcel of Corn 1 10 0 3 oz.b’ sheets 1 oz. Bedtick 2 old Blankets 1 10 0 £68 2 2 Jos. Payne Junr Humphrey Parrish Junr. Drury Christian At a Court held for Goochland County May the 15, 1759 This Inventory was Presented into Court and Ordered to be recorded

Teste. Val Wood, ClCur Source: R2237

December 2, 1739 (X3650/3) By court order of 18th this instant, we met on lands of GRISSELL COLEMAN and appraised the following laid before us by DANIEL COLEMAN, father to said Grissel (items), valued at pounds 74/0/4. Signed J. TERRY, THOMAS HARVEY, HENRY TERRY, 2 Dec.1739 Recorded 19 Feb.1739 Goochland County, Virginia Wills and Deeds, 1736-1742

May 21, 1751 (R1795/1)(X689/12)(X78/365,372)(R2229)(R2244) Deed to GRISELL WHITLOCK of King William Co. from ROBERT WILLIAMSON of Goochland Co.£80, 250 acres in Goochland Co. on the branches of Beaverdam Creek, part of a 600 acre patent bounded by James Christian, Chims, John Good[de]s formerly Francis Amoses. Witness Thos Murrell, JAS MAYO, Stn Perkins Deed Book 6, page 148-149.