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George Reeves
Facts and Events
Name[1] George Reeves
Gender Male
Marriage to Phebe Unknown
Death[1] BEF 1689 , , Middlesex Co?, Virginia,
Vital Records

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    Communicated by Mr. Lothrop Withington, 30 Little Russell street, W. C, London
    (including " Gleanings " by Mr. H. F. Waters, not before printed.)
    George Reeve, late of Virginia. Administration 23 April 1689 to brother Charles Reeve.
    P. C. C. Admon Act Book, 1689.
    [George Reeves, of the Island of Virginia, Merchant, now residing in England. Will 1 November 1675; proved 26 April 1689. Executor to pay to now wife £500, as by obligation of even date in £1,000 to James Johnson of St. Sepulchers. London, Gent, and James Cary, Citizen and Salter. Rest to such children as I may have by said wife, and, in case, I have no children, then to my brother Charles Reeves, executor. Witnesses: James Johnson, Jo. Jackson, James Cary. John Midgley, Scr. Proved by executor, previous administration as intestate being annulled. Ent. 53.-L. W.
    There is an entry in the Middlesex records of a suit in 1697 by John Curtis and Frances his wife, administrator of Erasmus Withers, vs- Charles Reeves executor cf George Reeves, who was administrator of Frances Reeves.
    In Middlesex county on April ?, 1689, the will of Mr. George Reeves, Jr., was presented for probate, but Captain Oswald Cary, Mr. Christopher Robinson, and Mr. Henry Wareing, the executors named in the will, disavowing the execution thereof, the sheriff was ordered to summon witnesses to more fully prove it. No further action appears, but not long afterwards Phebe, widow of George Reeves, who had married Lieutenant John Smith, of Middlesex, was appointed administratrix.
    By deed recorded in Middlesex and dated September 20, 1707. Charles Reeves, of the parish of Stepney, and county of Middlesex, England heir to George Reeves, of Virginia, deceased, conveyed to Gawin Corbin, of Middlesex county, Va., gentleman, 500 acres, patented by John Appleton in October, 1664, and by him sold to Thomas Reeves, and from the last named descended to Frances and George Reeves, and now to the above named Charles Reeves, surviving heir.
    George Reeves was for a number of years a resident of Middlesex county.]
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