Person:Ethel Rains (1)

Ethel Estel Rains
b.15 Sep 1884 Alabama
m. 29 Aug 1881
  1. Mary Susanna Loretta Rains1882 - 1959
  2. Ethel Estel Rains1884 - 1909
  3. Alice Gertrude Rains1886 -
  4. Miles Cornelius Rains1889 -
m. 1904
Facts and Events
Name Ethel Estel Rains
Gender Female
Birth[1][3] 15 Sep 1884 Alabama
Census[1] 1900 Hopkins, Texas, United StatesJustice Precinct 2
Marriage 1904 Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, Texas, United Statesto Charles Lewis Scruggs
Death[3] 25 Aug 1909 Oklahoma, United States
Vital Records

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    E. T. Richey, b. Feb 1859, Texas, Justice Precinct 2, Hopkins, Texas
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