Person:Emanuel Hatfield (1)

Emanuel Hatfield
m. 7 Apr 1836
  1. Emanuel Hatfield1805 - 1892
  2. Ale C. Hatfield1808 - bef 1900
  3. Armstead Apperson Hatfield1809 - 1899
  4. Rachel Arena Hatfield1811 - 1853
  5. George Washington Hatfield1812 - 1884
  6. Mordecai Ale Hatfield1817 - 1869
  7. Joseph Hatfield1824 - 1854
  8. Keziah Hatfield1826 - 1899
m. 21 Jan 1826
  1. Jeremiah Hatfield1826 - 1919
  2. William Hatfield1830 -
  3. Ale Hatfield1831 - aft 1910
  4. Sarah Hatfield1832 - aft 1910
  5. Mary Ann Hatfield1835 - aft 1880
  6. Elizabeth Hatfield1835 - aft 1900
  7. Esther J. Hatfield1837 - 1887
  8. Francis Marion Hatfield1838 -
  9. Charlotte T. Hatfield1843 - 1899
  10. Jasper Newton Hatfield1844 - 1931
  11. Geniva Hatfield1847 - 1923
  • HEmanuel Hatfield1805 - 1892
  • WMary Williams1804 - aft 1897
m. 1853-1860
Facts and Events
Name Emanuel Hatfield
Gender Male
Birth? 22 Dec 1805 Campbell County, Tennessee
Marriage 21 Jan 1826 Wayne, Kentucky, United Statesto Nancy Anderson
Other[7] Oct 1831 Greene County, IndianaMigration
Property[10] 10 Mar 1848 Owensburg, Greene
Marriage 1853-1860 Greene County, Indianato Mary Williams
Death? 1 Jan 1892 Greene County, Indiana

In the photo, Emanuel is on the left, his younger brother Armstead is on the right. This picture was taken c.1880. The way the brothers have self-consciously decked themselves out in antique hunting gear and weapons is evidence of Emanuel's well-documented sense of play and love of frontier-style bragging.


Emmanuel was one of the first inhabitants of Jackson Township, Greene County. He settled on a hill overlooking what would become Owensburg, all of which was located on the property he entered from the government. At the foot of his hill was a good spring (which is still in use). His father, Ale Hatfield, settled nearby.S7 S8 S9


Campbell County, Tennessee, 1830 census:S1

Hatfield, Emanuel
under 5 - 2
20-30 - 1
20-30 - 1

Greene County, Indiana, 1840 census:S2

Hatfield, Manuel (agriculture - 4)
5-10 - 2
10-15 - 2
30-40 - 1
under 5 - 3
5-10 - 1
30-40 - 1

On 10 March 1848, Emanuel and his wife, Nancy, deeded one acre of their land to Josiah Records, Sydney Owens, and Lilburn Owens, trustees of New Providence Baptist Church, as a site for construction of a church building.S10

Greene County, Indiana, 1850 census:S3

Hatfield, Emanuel 44 yrs b. Tennessee Farmer (real estate = $1,800) (cannot read/write)
      Nancy, wife, 39 yrs, b. Kentucky
      William, son, 21 yrs, b. Tennessee Laborer
      Ail, son, 19 yrs, b. Tennessee
      Sarah, dau, 16 yrs, b. Indiana
      Elisabeth, dau, 15 yrs, b. Indiana
      Mary A., dau, 14 yrs, b. Indiana
      Easther, dau, 12 yrs, b. Indiana
      Marion, son, 11 yrs, b. Indiana
      Charlotte, dau, 10 yrs, b. Indiana
      Jasper, son, 8 yrs, b. Indiana
      Jeniva, dau, 4 yrs, b. Indiana

Greene County, Indiana, 1860 census:S4

Hatfield, Emaunuel, 54 yrs, b. Tennessee, Farmer (real estate = $2,500; personal estate = $800) (cannot read or write)
      Mary, wife, 53 yrs, b. North Carolina (cannot read/write)
      Marion, son, 18 yrs, b. Indiana Farm Laborer
      Charlotte, dau, 16 yrs, b. Indiana Sewing
      Jasper, son, 14 yrs, b. Indiana
      Geniva, dau, 12 yrs, b. Indiana

Greene County, Indiana, 1870 census:S5

Hatfield, Emanuel, 64 yrs, b. Tennessee, Farmer (real estate = $6,000; personal estate = $700) (cannot read or write)
      Mary, wife, 64 yrs, b. North Carolina
      Jasper, son, 25 yrs, b. Indiana Farmer
      Louisa, dau/law, 23 yrs, b. Indiana
      Theadore, gr/son, 2 yrs, b. Missouri
      Osa, gr/dau, 5 mon, b. Kansas

Greene County, Indiana, 1880 census:S6

Hatfield, Emanuel, 74 yrs, b. Tennessee (parents, b. Virginia), Farmer
      Mary, wife, 75 yrs, b. North Carolina (parents, b. North Carolina)



At the Age of Eighty-six Years "Uncle" Manual has Gone to the Happy Hunting Ground Spoken of by the Wild Red Man.

Emanuel Hatfield, the old pioneer hunter of Greene County, died at his home in Owensburg, Friday morning, January 1, 1892, age 86 years. He had been afflicted with palsy for some time and being very old, the "grip" took hold and proved fatal. He was born in Campbell County, East Tennessee, December 22, 1805. He had three brothers, Armstead, Washington and Mordecai; also three sisters.

Uncle Manuel, as we all familiarly called him, was one of the first settlers of Greene County. He lived in this country when bears, wolves, panthers, deer and wild turkey were to be found in our woods in abundance. Uncle Manuel never failed to bring in game when he went hunting. He began his career in the woods very young, killing his first deer when he was but nine years old. He had been married twice, raised a family of fourteen children, the youngest of which now has children grown. He came to this state in the fall of 1831 and has lived on the same farm ever since. He said during the first twelve years of his residence in Indiana, he killed, with one gun, nine hundred seventy-eight deer. Also in that same twelve years he cleared the timber from one hundred and ten acres of land, made rails and fenced it, and put it in a good state of cultivation for that age.

He was a member of the Baptist church and had lived a devoted Christian for 'lo, these many years.

When we saw him in Owensburg last October he took us by the hand and said, "Well, Tommy, you will never eat any more venison, turkey or squirrel that Uncle Manuel kills, for I am just about worn out." He was kind and generous to everybody and would divide his last bread crust with his friend. If he ever had an enemy in this county we never knew it. He leaves a host of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to mourn their loss.

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