Person:Elizabeth Petty (4)

Elizabeth Petty
m. 14 Apr 1790
  1. Rachel Petty1791 - 1872
  2. Nancy Petty1793 - Aft 1850
  3. John Hewing Petty1795 - 1863
  4. Elijah Petty1797 - 1826
  5. Sarah Petty1800 - Aft 1838
  6. Catherine Petty1803 - 1877
  7. Eliza Ann Petty1805 - 1865
  8. Jane Petty1808 - Aft 1838
  9. Priannah Petty1811 -
  10. Elizabeth Petty1815 -
  11. Harriet Petty1819 - 1823
  12. George PettyAbt 1821 -
  13. Frances Pettyabt 1823 -
  • H.  Benjamin Colson (add)
  • WElizabeth Petty1815 -
m. 5 Mar 1833
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Petty
Alt Name Betsey Petty
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 27 Jun 1815 Dover, Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Marriage 5 Mar 1833 Dover, Stewart, Tennessee, United Statesto Benjamin Colson (add)
Vital Records

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  1. Petty Family of America, Elizabeth K. Petty-520.

    This source names her as Elizabeth K. Petty. Her father's will of 8 Jan 1838 names her as Betsy Colson. There is another daughter ostensibly named Elizabeth (referred to as Eliza Lashley in her father's will.)

  2. George and Lydia Petty Bible.

    Elizabeth Petty Daughter of George & Lydia Petty was Born June 27th 1815.