Person:Elizabeth Moore (171)

m. Abt 1675
  1. Deborah MOORE
  2. Nathaniel MOORE - 1699
  3. Elizabeth MooreAbt 1679 - 1748
  4. Hannah Moorebef 1680 - 1753
  5. Patience Moorebef 1688 - 1724
  6. Abigail Moorebef 1689 - 1747
m. Abt. 1700
  1. Christopher Youngs1700 - 1786
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Moore
Gender Female
Birth[1] Abt. 1679 Southold, Suffolk, New York, United States
Marriage Abt. 1700 to Christopher Youngs
Death[1] Feb 1748 Southold, Suffolk, New York, United States
Vital Records

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    Christopher Youngs m. Elizabeth, d/o Nathaniel Moore, who d. his widow Feb. 1748, ae. 69.
    [Birth calculates to about 1679].