Person:Elizabeth Larrabee (6)

Elizabeth Larrabee
d.bef. 16 May 1807
  1. John Larrabee1769 -
  2. Sarah Larrabee1773 -
  3. Mary Larrabee1776 -
  4. Elizabeth Larrabee1776 - bef 1807
  5. Jane Larrabee1778 - 1863
  6. Anna Larrabee1780 -
  7. Daniel LarrabeeAbt 1782 - 1864
  8. Philip Larrabee1783 - 1872
  9. Eunice Larrabee1787 -
  10. Hannah Larrabee1789 - 1825
m. 30 Sep 1798
  1. Samuel Seavey1799 -
  2. James Seavey1801 -
  3. Sally Seavey1804 -
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Larrabee
Alt Name Betsey Larrabee
Gender Female
Christening[3] Aug. 1776 Scarborough, Cumberland, Maine, United StatesFirst Church in Scarborough
Marriage 30 Sep 1798 to Stephen Seavey
Death[2] bef. 16 May 1807
Vital Records

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    1807: Stephen Seavey and Mehitabel Tyler both of Saco entered their Intention of Marriage May 16th. [Implies previous wife Betsey had died.]

  3. Records of the First Church in Scarborough, ME, in The Maine historical and genealogical recorder. (Portland, Maine: S.M. Watson), 2:83.

    [Aug. 39 [sic], 1776.] Mary and Betsy, childn of Philip and Sarah Larrabee [baptized]