Person:Elizabeth Barnard (8)

Elizabeth Barnard
m. 12 Jul 1843
  1. Julia Barnard1844 - 1869
  2. Timothy H. Barnard1846 -
  3. Charles B. Barnard1850 - 1851
  4. Robert R. Barnard1850 -
  5. Daniel Dewey Barnard1853 - 1931
  6. Frank Chester Barnard1858 -
  7. Fred C. Barnard1859 -
  8. Elizabeth Barnard1865 - 1946
m. 18 Aug 1886
  1. Grace Nichols1887 - 1958
  2. James Nichols, II1890 - 1955
  3. Laura Nichols1894 - 1979
  • H.  William Simpson (add)
  • WElizabeth Barnard1865 - 1946
m. 15 Jun 1911
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Barnard
Gender Female
Birth[1] 6 Aug 1865 DuPage, Illinois, United States
Marriage 18 Aug 1886 DuPage, Illinois, United Statesto James Lawrence Nichols
Marriage 15 Jun 1911 Naperville, DuPage, Illinois, United Statesto William Simpson (add)
Burial? 1946 Naperville, DuPage, Illinois, United StatesNaperville Cemetery
Death[2] 6 Dec 1946 Aurora, Kane, Illinois, United States
Vital Records

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Marriage and Family

Elizabeth married Professor James L. Nichols. They met when she took one of the business courses he taught.[2] They were married for nine years and had three children: Grace, James II and Laura.[2]In the early 1890s Mr. and Mrs. Nichols built a French provincial mansion at 320 E. Chicago Ave.[2] Years after James' death in 1895, Elizabeth married William C. Simpson, but he died six months later.[2]

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