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Elias Jackson
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Name Elias Jackson
Gender Male
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Page 36 of 57 Leonardo Andrea's Study of Jacksons in SC

DAVID JACKSON of York [County]. . will sg. 31 March 1818 pr. 15 May 1818. . .
wife, Mary Jackson . . . . .”I have NINE sons now alive and no dtrs”
William Jackson & to have the place where he lives
Hugh Jackson & to have the place where he lives
Elias Jackson & Ex. & to have the home place and keep his mother.
John Jackson & to have the place in Union Co. by Samuel Davidson’s
Davis [sic] Jackson Jr. & Ex.
Each of my four sons who got the lands to pay in cash to the others of my nine living sons.
/Wit. Robert Adams, John Henry & Thomas Bankhead.