Person:Donie Smith (1)

Donie Smith
b.19 Nov 1883 , Coryell, Texas
d.19 Oct 1885 , Coryell, Texas
m. 28 Oct 1883
  1. Donie Smith1883 - 1885
  2. Myrtle Lee Smith1886 - 1971
Facts and Events
Name Donie Smith
Gender Female
Birth? 19 Nov 1883 , Coryell, Texas
Death? 19 Oct 1885 , Coryell, Texas
Burial[1] Post Oak Cemetery, Oglesby, Coryell, Texas
Vital Records

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A transcript of the headstone has Donie listed as a female child.

Donie Smith 10/19/1885, Age 1 yr 11 mo [which puts her born 19 Nov 1883]; Dau of W. L. & A. E. Smith; In between W.L. Smith & Capt H. M. Smith [I am sure it is: Daughter of William Lee & Alice Elliot Norton Smith- Granddaughter of Henry Madison & Sarah Smith]

  1. Cemetery records.

    Post Oak Cemetery, Coryell County, Texas

    Containing the graves of Henry Madison Smith with some of his children and grandchildren.

    "In Memory Of Departed Comrades VFW & DAV P - 8230 C - 74 1987"
    "Donated by Jessie Campbell Powell"

    SMITH, ARRAH, 02/10/1897, 08/19/1897, Dau of R. O. & Emma Smith; Next to Mary E. Smith [Arrah may the daughter of Roger Quince Smith, son of James Dekalb & Mary Ross Smith]

    SMITH, B. L., 09/08/1884, 12/18/1886, Dau of H. M. & D. J. Smith;
    In between Charlie N. Smith/Malcom Smith & Mary Smith

    SMITH, CAPT H. M., 12/07/1882, TX Vet; Age 64yr 20days;
    In between Donie Smith & Charlie N. Smith

    SMITH, CHARLIE N., 03/15/1881, 05/28/1881, Sharing headstone with Malcom Smith; "Sons of H. M. & D. J. Smith";
    In between Capt H. M. Smith & B. L. Smith

    SMITH, DONIE, 10/19/1885, Age 1 yr 11 mo; Dau of W. L. & A. E. Smith;
    In between W.L. Smith & Capt. H. M. Smith

    SMITH, MALCOM, 02/22/1879, 05/25/1880,
    Sharing headstone with Charlie N. Smith; Sons of H. M. & D. J. Smith;
    In between Capt H. M. Smith & B. L. Smith

    SMITH, MARY S. [daughter of Henry Mattison & Dilly Jo Smith], 06/11/1886, 06/17/1887,In between B. L. Smith & Inf Son of Walter M. & Rachel Rigney

    SMITH, J. D. [James Dekalb] Smith 08/07/1842, 10/01/1914, Husb of Mary E.; In between Arrah Smith & Billy B. Graham [son of Henry Madison & Sarah S. Smith]

    SMITH, MARY E., 07/11/1842, 08/07/1899, Wife of J. D. Smith; In between Arrah Smith & Billy B. Graham [Probably Mary Elizabeth Ross the wife of James Dekalb Smith]
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    SMITH, DONIE, 10/19/1885, Age 1 yr 11 mo; Dau of W. L. & A. E. Smith;
    In between W.L. Smith & Capt. H. M. Smith
    - see text for all of the family buried in Post Oak. Henry Madison Smith, the grandfather is buried in Post Oak Cemetery. It is assumed that the grandmother, Sarah Susannah Hall Smith is buried there in an unmarked grave.

  2.   Family Records: Barbara Jones descendant of William Lee Smith.

    Famly group sheet prepared by Barbara Jones