Person:David Kendall (2)

m. 12 Oct 1780
  1. Anna Kendall1781 -
  2. Elizabeth Kendall1783 -
  3. Mary Kendall1785 -
  4. Francis Kendall1787 -
  5. Jesse Kendall1789 - 1789
  6. Lois Kendall1790 -
  7. Paul Raymond Kendall1792 - 1845
  8. Jesse Kendall1795 -
  9. Lucinda Kendall1798 -
  10. John Ballard Kendall1800 - 1888
  11. David Kendall1803 -
Facts and Events
Name David Kendall
Gender Male
Birth[1] 21 Jun 1803 Phillipston, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Vital Records

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  1. Phillipston, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Phillipston, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Worcester, Massachusetts: Franklin P. Rice, 1906), 26.

    Kendall, David, s. Jesse and Elizabeth, [born] June 21, 1803.

  2.   Purely on the basis of matching name and approximate age, the marriage record in Source:Vital records of Holden, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849, p. 127, for David Kendall of Barre and Mary Estabrook on 24 Feb 1825 looks like a good possibility, but since I have no knowledge of David's relocation to Barre, nor any other confirming data, I hesitate to create a page for this marriage. In Source:Historic homes and institutions and genealogical and personal memoirs of Worcester County, Massachusetts : with a history of Worcester Society of Antiquity, p. 303, there is confirmation that a David Kendall lived in Barre, MA, who was a prosperous farmer and hat manufacturer, but again, I have no evidence to confirm that this is the same person as the David Kendall who was born in Philipston. Source:Kendall genealogy : the descendants of Thomas and Francis Kendall of Charlestown and Woburn, Massachusetts; set forth in rhyme by Anstis Kendall Miles in 1855; now tells us nothing about the David of Phillipston other than his birth.