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David Gardyne
Facts and Events
Name David Gardyne
Gender Male
Death? 1511
Vital Records

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Dr David Gardin recorded as presbyter of Montrose

In 1482, recorded as David Garden of Leys. The family was recorded as holding the lands of Leys back to at least the 1400s.

In 1500, David was a witness when Alex Gardyne was vicar of Manye.

The rents from the lands of David Gardin were given to Brechin Cathedral in 1508

In 1509 he is recorded as selling his lands in Balnemone to his son and heir, David

12 December 1509, the King confirmed David Gardin and Jonate Tulloich with the lands of Cononsyth (now Kinblethmont).

In 1535, his son is recorded as acquiring Cononsyth.