Person:Daniel Boone (1)

m. 23 Sep 1720
  1. Sarah Boone1724 - 1815
  2. Israel Boone1726 - 1756
  3. Samuel Boone1728 - abt 1816
  4. Jonathan Boone1730 - 1808
  5. Elizabeth Boone1733/34 - 1814
  6. Daniel Boone1734 - 1820
  7. Mary "Polly" Boone1736 - 1819
  8. George Boone1739 - 1820
  9. Edward "Ned" Boone1740 - 1780
  10. Nathaniel Booneabt 1742 -
  11. Squire Boone, Jr.1744 - 1815
  12. Hannah Boone1746 - 1828
m. 14 Aug 1756
  1. James Boone1757 - 1773
  2. Israel Boone1759 - 1782
  3. Susannah Boone1760 - 1800
  4. Jemima Boone1762 - 1834
  5. John B. Boone1764 - 1779
  6. Levinia Boone1766 - 1802
  7. Rebecca Boone1768 - 1805
  8. Daniel Morgan Boone1769 - 1839
  9. Jesse Bryan Boone1773 - 1820
  10. William Bryan Boone1775 - 1775
  11. Lt. Col. Nathan Boone1781 - 1856
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Boone
Alt Name[2][9] Sheltowee (meaning "Big Turtle")
Gender Male
Birth[1] 2 Nov 1734 Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania[New Style]
Marriage 14 Aug 1756 Rowan County, North Carolinato Rebeccah Bryan
Other[2] 1 Jan 1778 Nicholas, Kentucky, United Stateswent with a party of 30 men to Blue Licks on the Licking River to make salt
Other[2] 7 Feb 1778 Nicholas, Kentucky, United States"I met with a party of one hundred and two Indians and two Frenchmen on their march against Boonsborough"
Other[2] 8 Feb 1778 - 18 Feb 1778 Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, United States"They (the Shawnee) pursued and took me on the eighth day to the Licks" then taken to old Chillicothe
Other[2] 10 Mar 1778 - 30 Mar 1778 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United Statestaken to Detroit (British controlled) by the Indians where "the Governor offered 100 pounds sterling for me"
Other[2] 10 Apr 1778 - 25 Apr 1778 Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, United Statestaken back to old Chillicothe where he was adopted by a Shawnee family
Other[2] 1 Jun 1778 Scioto, Ohio, United Statestaken to Scioto to help make salt
Other[2] 16 Jun 1778 Boonesborough, Madison, Kentucky, United Statesescaped before sunrise when he saw 450 Indians preparing to march against Boonsborough
Death[1][8] 26 Sep 1820 Charette Village on Femme Osage Creek, St. Charles County, Missouri
Alt Burial[4] Aug 1845 Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky, USABurial #2 They were removed for interment in the public cemetery in Frankfort, Franklin County, Ky
Burial[4] Marthasville, Warren, Missouri, United StatesNext to his wife near Marthasville, Missouri


  • See biographies by J. Bakeless (1965), R. G. Thwaites (1963, repr. 1971), and R. E. McDowell (1972); The Life and Legend of an American Pioneer" by John Mack Faragher.
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