Person:Clarence Knol (4)

Clarence N. Knol
d.May 1972
Facts and Events
Name Clarence N. Knol
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 22 Jun 1906 Illinois, United States
Census[1] 1910 Cicero, Cook, Illinois, United States
Death[2] May 1972
Vital Records

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Cicero, Cook, Illinois, in United States. 1910 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication T623), HH 146, Fam 169, Primary quality.

    Knol, Nicholas, 47, married once for 25 yrs, b. Holland, both parents b. Holland, immigrated 1881, Naturalized, speaks English, Agent burial Funds, wage worker, owns home with mtg
    , Mary, wife, 43, married once for 35 yrs [sic], 11 children 11 living, b. Holland, both parents b. Holland, immigrated 1872, speaks English
    , John J., son, 24, b. IL, salesman travelling whole sale
    , Nicholas Jr., son, 22, b. IL, Office Clerk Law Office
    , George, son, 20, b. IL, glazier widow glazier
    , Albert, son, 18, b. IL, copyist Lithographing Co.
    , William, son, 15, b. IL
    , Arthur, son, 13, b. IL
    , David, son, 10, b. IL
    , Herman, son, 8, b. IL
    , Wilhelmina, dau, 6, b. IL
    , Clarence, son, 4, b. IL
    , Ange M., dau, 1 b. IL

  2. 2.0 2.1 Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index, Secondary quality.

    Name: Clarence Knol
    Last Residence:
    53147 Lake Geneva, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA
    BORN: 22 Jun 1906
    Died: May 1972
    State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951)