Person:Chrodobertus II of Hesbaye (1)

Count Chrodobertus II of Hesbaye ,
Facts and Events
Name Count Chrodobertus II of Hesbaye ,
Alt Name von Haspengau
Alt Name van Haspengouw
Alt Name Rodobertus Robert
Alt Name Chrobertus Robert Of Neustrasia
Gender Male
Ancestral File Number 1RGT-Q7Q
Living[1] bef 0650 - aft 678

'vir clarissimus'; hofmeier van koning Chlodwig II (22 jan.653). Kanselier van koning Chlotarius III van Neustrië in 658. Paltsgraaf (2 okt. 678).

Mentioned 653 and 678. According to Europaische Stammtafeln volume II page 10: Doda/Detta had possibly six children: Landrada who married Sigramus, unnamed daughter married to Lievin who became bishop of Trier and a saint, Grimbert, St.Rupert (Robert) Bishop of Worms, St.Galaberge. These children are possible, the one 'certain' child, however, is Lambert II Lantbertus. Lambert II is also listed in Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels, Fuerstlichen Haueser 1961, page 9.

  1. Robert of Hesbaye, in Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia.

    "His own father was, according to tradition, Robert I, Duke of Neustria (c.697-764) whose paternal ancestors ascended in line;

    1. Lambert II, Count of Haspengau (c.682-741)
    2. Chrodobertus II, Count of Haspengau (fl.650)
    3. Lambert I de Haspengau (c.620-650)
    4. Chrodobertus I de Haspengau (c.600-630)
    5. Charibert de Haspengau (c.575-636)"