Person:Christian Becker (2)

Christian Becker
d.AFT 1926
  1. Charlotte Becker1857 - 1950
  2. Christian Becker1865 - AFT 1926
  3. Henry Becker1869 - AFT 1926
  4. John Henry Becker1873 - 1926
Facts and Events
Name[1] Christian Becker
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1865
Census[1] 1880 Wayne, Du Page, Illinois
Death[2] AFT 1926
Vital Records

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CHRISTIAN BECKER was born in 1865 at Germany. Sister Charlotte claimed an 1866 immigration date on her 1920 census form,S3 so he must have been born in Germany.

He is mentioned as surviving his brother John's death, S2 so he died after 1926.


Christian Becker Census
Year Source Image
1880 1880 US Federal Census: Wayne, Du Page County, Illinois
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