Person:Charles Cook (54)

Charles E Jr. Cook
b.July 22, 1923
d.December 02, 1987
m. Dec 19, 1912
  1. Gladys T. Cook1914 - 1920
  2. Harold Cook1916 - 1960
  3. Agnes Elaine Cook1918 - 2011
  4. Opal Cook1920 - 1995
  5. Harlan Cook1922 - 1922
  6. Charles E Jr. Cook1923 - 1987
  7. Pauline Cook1926 - 2010
  8. Alma V. Cook1929 - 1930
  9. Vermer H. Cook1931 - 1932
  10. Dallas Howard Cook1933 - 2005
Facts and Events
Name Charles E Jr. Cook
Gender Male
Birth? July 22, 1923
Death? December 02, 1987
Vital Records

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RIN: MH:I146

  1.   He was a barber and had a shop on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, KY for years and years. He cut radio and TV personality's hair and many local well known's....all on one leg and a prosthesis. At night he would take it off and said it ached a lot. He had hi Accomplishment