Person:Benjamin Jackson (36)

Benjamin Alexander Jackson
m. 1807
  1. Henrietta Jackson1806 - 1890
  2. William Jacksonbet 1807 and 1810 -
  3. Col. Stephen Jackson1808 - 1887
  4. Henry Jacksonbet 1810-1820 -
  5. Susannah Jackson1812 - 1875
  6. Benjamin Alexander JacksonABT 1820 - 1861
m. ABT 1848
  1. Mary Elizabeth Jackson1849 - 1889
  2. Susan Ella JacksonABT 1851 -
  3. Henrietta Roxanna 'Hennie' Jackson1853 - 1936
  4. Henry Jackson1855 - 1921
  5. Louisa W. JacksonABT 1858 -
  6. Mary Jackson1860 -
  7. Jennie Jacksonest 1862 -
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Alexander Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] ABT 1820 Chesterfield Co., South Carolina
Marriage ABT 1848 to Mary Catherine Blakeney
Death? 4 Dec 1861 Richmond, , Virginia

Comment attributed to May Burch MacCallum, genealogist: "The portrait of Col. Steve's brother, Benjamin Alexander Jackson, still in its original frame, now resides in The Military Museum at 1 National Guard Road in Columbia, SC. I donated it along with things of my grandfather and my g grandfather Berry. Now they belong to the state to be enjoyed by all and protected FOREVER!!"

The following Notes* provided by Bob Mitchell: Killed in action CSA. His youngest child only 3 years old at the time.

  • Deed Book 11 page 438 - Oct 18, 1844 - The heirs of William P. Jackson being Mary Jackson (wife of Henry A. Jackson), A. M. Lowery (husband of Henrietta Jackson, dau of Henry A. Jackson), Alex May (husband of Susannah, dau of Henry A. Jackson), Stephen Jackson (COL Stephen, son of Henry A. Jackson,) & Benjamin A. Jackson (son of Henry A. Jackson) to John Edwards - $1200 for 153 acres on Thompson Creek adjoining the State line.
  • Living on family plantation with mother Mary in 1850 and 1860. Working as Overseer. Benjamin Jackson is not found on the 1870 US Census for Chesterfield Co., South Carolina. The census enumeration in 1870 was done by using the initials of the individuals counted, making it very difficult to locate families and individuals. Benjamin Jackson is the "Uncle Ben" referred to in a letter written by Henry A. Jackson to his father Col. Stephen Jackson in July of 1861. The full text of the letter is listed in the notes for Henry A. Jackson, born abt 1841 in Chesterfield Co., SC.

1850 Chesterfield Dist. Chesterfield Co., SC
Mary Jackson hh 61
Benjamin A. Jackson 31
Mary Jackson 19
Mary E. Jackson 1
James Gulledge 28 laborer

1860 Chesterfield, SC
Benj Jackson 40
Mary C Jackson 31
Mary E Jackson 11
Susan E Jackson 9
Henrietta Jackson 2
Henry Jackson 5
Louisa W Jackson 2
Mary Jackson 2.12
Mary Jackson 70 (Mary Blakeney, mother of Benjamin)

Benjamin was killed in 1863 and in the 1870 census his mother Mary was still with the family and was tallied as head of household. This census is taken using only initials, but comparison is made to the known children, their ages and estimated birth years. 1870 Mount Croghan, Chesterfield, South Carolina pg 24: Jackson, M. 82 f W SC (1788 Benjamin's mother, Mary)
Jackson, C. C. 35 f W SC (1835) (?)
Jackson, E 18 f W SC (1852 Susan Ella)
pg 25:
Jackson, H 16 f W SC (1854 Hennie)
Jackson, H 14 m W SC (1856 Henry)
Jackson, I 12 f W SC (1858 Louisa??)
With the two questionable individuals, it is possible this record is not Benjamin's family, but is the best record I've found so far. In 1880 Mary Jackson is shown as 55 years old, (an obvious error) living with her is Benjamin Jackson's son, Henry, who is acting as overseer of the farm. has info that Benjamin A. Jackson enlisted as a Sgt. in Company D, Regiment 8, SC Infantry. The info is on Film #M381, roll 17. I have not ordered or seen the film.

From Albert Jackson: "Benjamin A Jackson, age 40, served in Kershaw's Brigade Serg. Co D 8th Regt; Died December 4th 1861 of sickness in Richmond Hospital; Burial unknown."

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