Person:Anne Naquin (2)

Anne Naquin
m. ABT 1725
  1. Anne Naquin
  2. Ambroise Naquin1725 -
  • H.  Pierre Bourg (add)
  • WAnne Naquin
m. 26 Jan 1761
Facts and Events
Name Anne Naquin
Gender Female
Marriage 26 Jan 1761 Saint-Suliac, Ille-et-Vilaine, FranceChurch of Saint Sulia
to Pierre Bourg (add)
  1.   Pierre Bourg & Anne Marie Naquin, in Robichaux, Albert J., Jr. The Acadian Exiles in Saint-Malo, 1758-1785. (Eunice, Louisiana: Hebert Publications, 1981), p. 1107.

    Pierre Bourg, son of Francois and of Magdeleine Heber, on the one hand, and Anne Marie Naquin, major daughter of Jacques and of Jeanne Melanson, both natives of the Colony of Acadie and residents of this parish, having betrothed and the banns of their future marriage canonically made for three consecutive Sundays at the homilies of our parochial high masses, the eleventh, eighteenth, and twenty-fifth of January seventeen hundred sixty-one, without opposition of impediment, neither canonical nor civil, coming to our knowledge; have this day received the nuptial benediction in the Church of Saint Sulia by me, undersigned, with the permission of the Prior the twenty-sixth of the said month and year; in presence of Aemilien Sigouital, Jean Huet, Alain Bourg, Germain Blanchar, Ambroise Naquin and several others, of whom some signed with an (X) and we have seen the dispensation of consanguinity of third to fourth obtained of My Lord, the Bishop of St. Malo, under date of the sixth of January said year, signed: + Joan Josephus, in the Ecclesiastical Insinuations of the Diocese of St. Malo by Richer the tenth of the said month and year. /s/ Jean Huet; /s/ Emilian Segoillaiu; X X; /s/ L. Fromy, Priest. St. Suliac; 26 January 1761.

  2.   Acadians Who Found Refuge in Louisiana, Naquin.

    Ambroise's sister Anne-Marie, called Marie, survived the crossing to St.-Malo and married Pierre, son of Francois Borg, at St.-Suliac, near St.-Malo, in January 1761. They raised a large family, but most of their children also died young.