Person:Andrew Kennedy (6)

b.01 JAN 1805 Pennsylvania, USA
d.NOV 1828
m. 06 JAN 1804
  1. Andrew KENNEDY, III1805 - 1828
  2. John KENNEDY1806 -
  3. Eliza Ann KENNEDY1808 -
  4. Robert KENNEDY, Jr.1809 -
  5. Ann Catherine KENNEDY1812 -
  6. Charles E KENNEDY1814 - 1887
  7. Aurelia KENNEDY1825 -
Facts and Events
Name Andrew KENNEDY, III
Gender Male
Birth? 01 JAN 1805 Pennsylvania, USA
Baptism[1] 29 APR 1809 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA2nd Presbyterian Church
Death? NOV 1828

Andrew Kennedy, III was a student at the Norwich Academy in CT. This letter not only shows a little of his life as a cadet but also shows something of family economics as well as the death of Andrew Kennedy, Jr., twin brother of Robert Kennedy and uncle to Andrew Kennedy, III.

ltr to Robert Kennedy from Andrew Kennedy, III-single sheet of paper folded with address side showing:

Norwich VT 18 ½

Sept 4

Robt. Kennedy Esq. Navy Store Keeper Philadelphia

Mail (Pa:)

Military Academy Norwich

1st Sept. 1823 –

My Dear Sir –

Your letter dated 20th Ult. Inclosing $10 came duly to hand, as also the one from Mother & John, which inclosed $15: the latter, I answered by Mr. West: I also gave Mr. West a letter of introduction to you; tell me how long he stayed with you, & how you liked him – As to the articles, you have made ready for me, I do not know of any other method by which they may reach here, than by putting them under charge of some person traveling this way – I have requested the Capt. to inform me, when he hears from any one coming from Philad.; probably you may hear of some one who intends to join the Academy – There was an opportunity by a Mr. Morton, whose father, I believe is an officer in the N. America bank: Mr. M, arrived only a few days ago; if you had known of this he would have brought them –

I am very sorry to inform you, that our contemplated march to Burlington &c., is given up by the Capt., in consequence of his indisposition; we are all as discontented as can be well imagined, on this account – We from the South had been feasting ourselves with the idea of traveling over the lofty Green Mtns. Of walking over the battle ground of Plattsburg, of seeing and examining the remains of the Revolutionary forts at Crown Point and Ticonderoga; but that demon, malady, has baukl’d our expectations, and left us to bear the disappointment, as we best may – The Capt. however has so far recovered himself, by a few days retirement from duty, that he proposes a shorter march, but where to, he has not yet decided: about the 20th Inst. we will set out then if nothing interferes – I and almost every one in the ?????, am very much disappointed, by the necessity of abandoning a journey, from which we had promised ourselves, so much utility and pleasure would arise –

I cannot express the sorrow I feel for the several bad events mentioned in your last letter; I had hoped that Uncle Andrew would have recovered from his derangement and have become useful to you –

Your duties must now be very arduous, and I hope you will find some one to assist you in them – I was much surprised to hear, that Capt. Rinker was not allowed Military funeral honours; if, as the piece sign’d “Obdurate Power”, states, these were withheld by Com. Bainbridge, he deserves all and more than that piece says or intimates of him – the patriot & philanthropist, one who had served his country, and rec’d but little reward, should at least have had all due honours paid to his remains – From some circumstances in the above mentioned piece, it would seem that it was written by Mr. Stellwagen – tell me in your next what are the intentions of the poor Captains family, now they have lost their support –

I am happy that John & Bob, enjoyed themselves at the Pea patch; I presume the season for reed, black birds & rail is commencing,; I long to have a crack at them – I have been but once or twice shooting, since I have been here – About half a dozen of us went a few days ago; we fixed the rendezvouz on the banks of the Connt. And built a fire, where we roasted corn, potatoes, apples, and the game we shot, which consisted of some pidgeon & squirrels: these were strung on a ramrod, and the rod placed on two forked sticks before the fire – Gunning is very tiresome here; all hills think woods, & ploughed ground, full of stones and stumps to march over – I was appointed offr. of the day for the second time last Monday –

I have sent you by the 2 or 3 preceding mails, 3 Catalogues, a pamphlet of the march to Concord, and a paper; you have rec’d them I suppose –

I understand Mr. Southard has been appointed Secretary of the Navy, in room of Mr. Thompson – I have understood also that Capt. Partridge intends visiting Washington this Winter, and will pass thro’ Philad.: this is merely a report, but if true, will be a good thing for me I think –

I have commenced the studies of Nat: Philosophy, Surveying, and French a class in fencing will be shortly formed – Mr. Partridge, informs me, that the small sword exercises is preparatory to the cut & thrust, and must be previously learned – the division in Surveying will go thro’ also with topography –

My pecuniary affairs, stand as follows – Board will amt. to about $21.00; Expenses at store, including, books, clothes, every thing nearly $50.00; Owing for tuition about $12 or $14.00; Sum $85.00

I am obliged to you for the money enclosed in your last letter; the sum rec’d. will answer at present – this Quarters expenses are necessarily greater than the next will be; The climate at this season is very disagreeable: there is a frost this morning – the squads on drill have it on their hats – there is a thick fog every morning, which continues till near 10 O.C. –

I wish you would write me more frequently, from home: if you have not leisure, tell John, or Ma, to write me I want to hear what luck you have at rail & reed, birds, &c. & give me a description of Pea patch &c. – Give my respects to all my friends & remember me to all at home –

Very Respect. & affection.


Andrew Kennedy

R. Kennedy Esq. Philad.

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