Person:Andrew Jackson (3)

Andrew Donelson Jackson, Jr.
b.August 1, 1856 Nacogdoches Co, TX
m. 23 Jul 1846
  1. Nancy Jane Jackson1847 - 1919
  2. Mae Jackson1849 -
  3. Winnie Clementine Jackson1850 - 1914
  4. Sarah Mary Eliza Jackson1854 - 1947
  5. Sarah J. Jackson1855 -
  6. Andrew Donelson Jackson, Jr.1856 - 1922
  1. John D. Jackson1880 - After 1900
  2. Roger Q. Jackson1881 - After 1900
  3. Ethel M. Jackson1883 - After 1900
  4. Sam H. Jackson1885 - After 1900
  5. Herman Jackson1888 - After 1900
  6. Frank Jackson1889 - After 1900
  7. Mary E. Jackson1893 - After 1900
  8. UNKNOWN JacksonBetween 1894-1898 - Before 1900
  9. Frederick Jackson1899 - After 1900
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Donelson Jackson, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? August 1, 1856 Nacogdoches Co, TX
Death? January 20, 1922 Groveton, Trinity County, Texas
Vital Records

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Listed in the 1860 Nacogdoches County, Texas Census as A. D., male, age 3, born TX. With parents and sisters.

Listed in the 1870 Nacogdoches County, Texas Census as Andrew D. Jackson, age 14, born TX, cannot read or write. With parents and sister Sarah.

Listed in the 1880 Madison County, Texas Census, District 99, page 27, enumerated June 16th, Dwelling 244, Household 244 as Andrew D. Jackson, age 23, Blacksmith, born TX, father born TN, mother born MO. With wife Jane and male baby, age 3/12. Living next door to parents.

Listed in the 1900 Madison County, Texas Census, District 30, page 64A, enumerated June 16th, Dwelling 204, Household 204 as Andrew Jackson, born Aug. 1856, age 43, married 22 years, born TX, father born TN, mother born MO, Blacksmith. With wife, children, and mother.

Middle name, and birth, marriage, and death information is from Edmund West, comp. Family Data Collection - Individual Records. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000.

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