Person:Alice Myrup (1)

Alice Ann Myrup
d.before 2002
m. 19 Jul 1899
  1. Adolph Myrup1900 - 1900
  2. Velma Lillian Myrup1901 - 1979
  3. Adrien LeRoi Myrup1903 - 1991
  4. Leon John Myrup1906 - 2002
  5. Lars Jerome Myrup1908 - 1989
  6. Alice Ann Myrup1910 - before 2002
  7. Lucille May Myrup1913 - 1996
  8. Edna Mary Myrup1918 - 1999
  1. Lee George Larsen1933 - 1935
  2. Alma Larsen1934 - 1934
Facts and Events
Name Alice Ann Myrup
Gender Female
Birth? 8 Feb 1910 Arco, Blaine, Idaho, United StatesBorn in Covenant
Baptism? 30 Mar 1918 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Other? 20 Sept 1978 Endowment, LDS church, Provo Temple
Death? before 2002
Vital Records

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From the stories I remember, Lamar had a bad temper and Alice and him had not been getting along. She was going to file for divorce, but he was struck by lightning before she ever got a chance. Before Alice died she said, "Don't you dare seal me to my husband!"

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  1.   County became Butte County in 1917.