Person:Albert Johnson (2)

Albert Sidney Johnson
b.19 Feb 1906 , Stephens, Texas
m. 5 Feb 1895
  1. Joseph Walter Johnson, Jr.1895 - 1971
  2. Luella Johnson1899 - 1900
  3. Nellie Mae Johnson1901 - 1982
  4. Gracey Jewel Johnson1903 - 1974
  5. Albert Sidney Johnson1906 - 1923
  6. Lena Bell Johnson1911 - 1995
  7. J. L. Johnson, (stillborn)1915 - 1915
Facts and Events
Name Albert Sidney Johnson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 19 Feb 1906 , Stephens, Texas
Death[2] 5 Aug 1923 Cisco hospital, Eastland, TexasCause: accidental gunshot wound
Burial? Oakwood Cemetery in Cisco, Eastland, Texas
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Killed by a cousin in a gun accident. Buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Cisco,Eastland County, TX. They never lived in Cisco. Their farm was about 10 miles from Cisco. I think they just had a snapshot picture enlarged at that studio after he died.

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