Person:Abner Reimert (1)

Abner Follweiler Reimert
d.Aft. 1971
m. Abt. 1872
  1. Harvey Elmer Reimert1873 - 1955
  2. William Anson Reimert1877 - 1920
  3. Irene Elizabeth Reimert1878 - 1952
  4. Myra V. ReimertAbt 1880 - 1965
  5. Daniel Morris ReimertAbt 1883 - Abt 1889
  6. Barbara Laura Reimert1885 - 1965
  7. Hattie Eva Reimert1888 - 1971
  8. Abner Follweiler Reimert1890 - Aft 1971
  9. Arlene Jane Reimert1893 - Bef 1965
  10. Helen Ruth Reimert1895 - Aft 1971
  • HAbner Follweiler Reimert1890 - Aft 1971
  • W.  Dora Hamm (add)
m. 11 Nov 1911
Facts and Events
Name Abner Follweiler Reimert
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1 Aug 1890 New Tripoli, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 11 Nov 1911 New Tripoli, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United Statesto Dora Hamm (add)
Death[2] Aft. 1971
Vital Records

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  1. Ziegler, Warren J. (Warren Jacob); Pennsylvania) Ebenezer Lutheran Church (New Tripoli; and Pennsylvania) Ebenezer Reformed Church (New Tripoli. Ebenezer Union Church, New Tripoli, Pa. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1989), [

    Abner Follweiler, son of William & Jane, nee Follweiler, Reimert [born] 8/ 1/1890 [baptized] 8/31/1890

  2. Obit. of sister Hattie (Reimert) Weida, Source:Morning Call, 16 Jun 1971, mentions Abner as a surviving brother.