MySource:Quolla6/Deed to James Porter of Cumberland County, PA, 1795

MySource Deed to James Porter of Cumberland County, PA, 1795
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Deed to James Porter of Cumberland County, PA, 1795.

Commentary: Robert Porter was married to Mary. They apparently had six children, dau. Mary, and sons Robert, James, Samuel, William and Andrew, one of which sons died before 1795. Robert died in 1785. Leaving a bequest of a portion of his realestate to daughter Mary. Mary married John Kelly of Drumore Township, Lancaster County. John and Mary subsequently sold her portion of this property to James Porter, presumably her brother.

From:World Tree Jeff Galloway

John Kelly to James Porter Cumberland County, PA Transcribed by Kathleen Kelly (Will o f Robert Porter dated 1785, deed dated 1795)

To All People to whom these presents shall come John Kelly of the Township of Drumore and County of Lancaster, Taylor[1] and MARY, his wife, formerly PORTER, d/o ROBERT PORTER late of City of Philadelphia, deceased. Lendeth Greeting whereas the said ROBERT PORTER died seized an d possessed of diverse lands and tenements and especially of two contiguous tracts or piece s of land situate on or near the waters of the Juniata in the County now or late Cumberland i n the State of Pennsylvania containing together about six hundred acres being the same more o r less, having first made and published his last will and Testament in writing dated the sixt eenth day of ----- one thousand seven hundred and eighty five, and thereby devised and bequea thed one third of his real estate unto his wife MARY PORTER and the other two third parts unt o his six children, ----- Robert James Samuel William and Andrew Porter to be divided betwee n them share and share alike and ------ ------ dying a minor his part vested equally in the s urvivors so that the said John and Mary Kelly parties hereto are ----- seized of and entitle d to the one undivided fifth part of two undivided third parts of and in the said land and premises.

Now Know Ye the said John and Mary Kelly for and in consideration of the sum of Thirty thre e pounds lawful money in specie to him at or before the sealing and delivery hereof well an d truly paid by JAMES PORTER of the County of Lancaster and State aforesaid, storekeeper, th e reseipt (sic) whereof is hereby acknowledged. Hath granted bargained sold assigned release d and confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain sell assign release and confirm unt o the said JAMES PORTER his heirs and assigns all that their the said John and Mary Kelly's one undivided fifth part of the two undivided third parts (being two undivided fifteenth parts ) of and in all those the aforesaid two contiguous tracts or parcels of land whereof he, the said testator, Robert Porter, died seized as aforesaid, situate lying or being on or near t he waters of the Juniata in the County now or late Cumberland in the State of Pennsylvania bo unded and described as the same are and of right ought to be bounded and described and contai ning together six hundred acres be the same more or less. Together with all and singular th e rights priviledges members and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging and the reversi ons and remainders rents issues and profits thereof and all the estate right title interest p roperty claim and demand whatsoever of the said John and Mary Kelly and their heirs in law an d equity of in and to the said premises and every part thereof. To Have and to hold all and s ingular the said premises hereby granted or mentioned and intended so to be with the appurten ances unto the said James Porter his heirs and assigns to his and their proper use and behoof forever. And the said John and Mary Kelly for themselves their executors and administrator s doth hereby covenant promise and grant to and with the said James Porter his heirs and assi gns that they the said John and Mary Kelly and their heirs and all and every other person an d persons claiming and to claim by from or under them shall and will at any time hereafter a t the request and proper cost and charges in the law of the said James Porter his heirs and assigns make do execute and deliver and acknowledge to be made, executed delivered and acknowl edged all such far --- and other acts and acts deed or deeds conveyances and ----in the law n eedful he said ---- ----- with the appurtenances unto the said James Porter his heirs and ass igns as he or they or his or their council learned in the law shall reasonably advise and req uire. In witness whereof the said John and Mary Kelly have hereunto set their hands and seal s this thirty first day of October in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety five.

Sealed Delivered with presense of us: Andrew Work Jno. Porter Signed John Kellie and Mary Kellie

Received the day and date above mentioned from JAMES PORTER the sum of thirty three pounds i n full.

Signed John Kellie

Lancaster County to wit On the day of the date of the above instrument of writing personally appeared before me one of the Justice's of the peace in aforesaid County the above named John Kellie and Mary Kellie his wife the grantors and acknowledged the said conveyances their act and deed and desires the same may be recorded as such she the said Mary being of full ag e and the contents made known to her voluntarily without any compulsion consents to the same . In Testimony whereof I have herein set my Hand and Seal. Philadelphia County SSt(?) Andrew Work

JOHN PORTER of the township of the township (sic) of the Northern Liberties in the County aforesaid [2] in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Esquire being duly sworn according to law doth d epose and say that the name JNO PORTER set as a witness to the within deed is of his own hand writing that the deponent was present at the execution thereof and did see John Kellie and Ma ry Kellie therein named sign seal and deliver the same as their and each of their acts and de eds that the deponent did at the same time write his name thereto as a witness and did also s ee Andrew Work the other subscribing witness sign his name thereto as such.

Sworn and subscribed this twenty eight day of November AD 1803 before me the subscriber one o f the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Philadelphia aforesaid. I n Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal. JB Smith Entered May 25th 1807 Compared by Francis Gibson, recorder

Vol. 1-R P. 97 Release dated Dec. 5, 1795; from Dr. John Porter and Jane, his wife, to my uncle James Porte r and Eleanor, his wife, of Drumore Twp., Lancaster Co., storekeeper, all the undivided 2 contiguous tracts of land situate on the waters of the Juniata, in the county or late Cumberland deed to brother ROBERT PORTER, etc.

  1. Jeff interpreted this to mean that John was a "tailor".
  2. Jeff interpreted this to mean "Philadelphia County"