Family:Thomas Taber and Unknown (4)

Facts and Events
Other[3] abt 1778  Speculative child?: Thomas Taber (12) 
Other[2][4][6][7] abt 1781  Speculative child?: George Taber (3) 
Other[1] abt 1781  Speculative child?: Unknown Tabor (2) 
Other[1] abt 1786  Speculative child?: W Taber (1) 
Residence[3] 1830 London, England33 Bartholomew Close; Thomas Taber, Sr
Other? 22 Jun 1830 Thomas Taber, Sr leaves by the ship "Hibernia" and moves his immediate family to New York.
Residence[1] 1841 London, EnglandBartholomew Close; W. Tabor
Residence[2] 1851 London, England33 Bartholomew Close; George Taber, Sr
Residence[4] 1861 London, England33 Bartholomew Close; George Taber, Jr
Residence[7] 1871 London, England33 Bartholomew Close; George Taber, Jr
Residence[6] 1881 London, England33 Bartholomew Close; George Taber, Jr
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    W. Tabor, male, DOB abt 1786, Jeweller; Tabor, female, DOB abt 1781; Address: Bartholomew Close, St. Bartholomew the Great

    1841 England Census
  2. 2.0 2.1 1851 England Census, Pg 13.

    George Taber DOB abt 1781 and Family: Address: 33 Bartholomew Close. St. Bartholomew the Great; three generations listed

    1851 England Census
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    Thomas Taber, DOB abt 1778, and family: Address 33 Bartholomew Close, St. Bartholomew the Great

    Baptism Alexander Taber, 33 Bartholomew Close
  4. 4.0 4.1 1861 England Census, Page 5.

    George Taber, Jr, son and family are found at 33 Half Moon Passage which is the same address as 33 Bartholomew Close, St. Bartholomew the Great

    1861 England Census
  5.   The Law Journal Reports, London, England.

    In a bankruptcy proceeding listed in The Law Journal Reports, dated 7 Jul 1848, a George Taber is named as a creditor, in association with wine merchants of Crutched Friars. Wine merchants of Crutched Friars were known to have been owned by John Taber, born abt. 1792 in Middlesex County, London. John Taber is found in Camberwell, Surrey on the 1861 and 1871 Census'. John Taber had two known sisters, Mary Taber Arnold, born abt. 1788, married in the Parish of St. Bennet Fink, London, died 1871 in Camberwell; and Elizabeth Taber, born abt. 1799, married Robert Seldon in the Parish of St. George in the East, Borough of Tower Hamlets. Thomas Taber and family lived in Camberwell abt. 1826 - 1830. My research question is to find out whether or not the George Taber associated with John Taber is the same George Taber associated with the Thomas Taber Family.

    Bankruptcy Proceeded listing a George Taber as creditor
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    In 1881, the Taber Family is still at 33 Bartholomew Close.

    George Taber, Jr. Death Certificate
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    George Taber, Jr. and Family are at 33 Bartholomew Close.

    1871 England Census