Family:Stephen Kendall and Ruth Fisher (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 9 May 1820 Royalston, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Royalston, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Vital records of Royalston, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. (Worcester, Massachusetts: Franklin P. Rice, 1906), p. 123, Secondary quality.

    [KENDALL,] Stephen J. of Warwick and Ruth B. Fisher, May 9, 1820.

  2.   The evidence for this family group is all quite indirect. The biography of Levi's son William, written in the early 1900s, says this:

    "The father [Levi Goddard Kendall], ... was born in Boston, Massachusetts, October 2, 1827, a son of Andrew L. and Ruth (Fishel [sic]) Kendall. Our subject’s grandfather was born in Royalston, Worcester county, that state, and for some years followed the carpenter’s trade in Boston, where he died at the age of thirty-five years. His wife was born in the same place, of Quaker lineage, and died in Simsbury, Massachusetts, at the age of eighty-three. The father of our subject was only six years old when his mother removed to Royalston with her five children, the others being Albert, who died Worcester, that state; Lucius, a justice of the peace of Sewall, Massachusetts; Louise, widow of Nathan N. Harlow, and a resident of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; and Sophia, wife of George Newton, a contractor of Chicago."

    There is no Andrew Kendall of Royalston of the appropriate age, and the only Ruth of Royalston of the appropriate age with a last name approaching "Fishel" is Ruth Bliss Fisher.

    One of Stephen's brothers was named Levi; this provides support for Levi G. being related to Andrew Kendall of Royalston, and Stephen is the only otherwise-unaccounted-for member of that family available to be Levi G.'s father.

    Ruth Bliss Fisher's mother was named Sophia, providing support for her being the mother of Levi G. described in the biography. Ruth Kendall's death record in 1883 (aged 83) states that her parents were David and Sophia, who are also the parents of Ruth B. Fisher.

    Additional support for two of the children come from census records: "Ruth B. Kendall," age 50, was living with Albert G. and Maria F. Kendall in Worcester in 1850; "Ruth Kendall," age 60, was living with N. B. and Louisa D. Harlow in Shrewsbury in 1860; "Ruth B. Kendall," age 70, was living with Nathan and Louisa D. Harlow in Shrewsbury in 1870; and "Ruth B. Kendall," age 80, "mother in law," was living with Nathan B and Louisa D Harlow in Shrewsbury in 1880.

    Albert and Louisa's death records, and Andrew and Sophia's marriage records, name Stephen and Ruth as their parents (see respective people pages).