Family:Edward Wade and Ellen Carr (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 27 Oct 1863
30 Jan 1873
8 May 1895

(VII) Edward, son of Dr. James (2) and Sally (Mulford) Wade, was born in Watervliet, New York, in the residence on the Troy and Schenectady turnpike, October 26, 1829, died July 10, 1890. He received his education at the Exeter Academy; studied law at the Albany Law School of Union University, and in the law office of Dean & Newland. He was one of the compilers of the well-known fifth edition of the Revised Statutes of New York State. Mr. Wade, although rarely appearing in court in person, did an enormous amount of office business. He was most exact in everything he did, methodical to a degree, scrupulously honest and always thoroughly in earnest. Withal, he was a man of kind heart and most generous impulses, doing much good in a quiet, unostentatious manner in the way of charity. In politics he was a strong and consistent Republican. He was a nephew of Hon. Benjamin Wade, who for many years was United States senator from Ohio, and acting vice-president of the United States. Mr. Wade's practise included the charge of a number of estates of importance in Albany and conducted these trusts with a fidelity even greater than he would have exerted in his own interests, for such was the estimate of the bar on his death. Mr. Wade married, October 27, 1863, Ellen Wilson, born February 5, 1838, daughter of Dr. Sylvester and Ellen Montgomery (Wilson) Carr. Children:

Edward Upham, born July 3, 1867, see forward. Ellen, born January 30, 1873; graduate of the Albany high school, class of 1892; admitted to the State Normal College and graduated in 1895; died of scarlet fever, May 8, 1895. Dudley Bradstreet, born July 7, 1880, see forward. (VIII) Edward Upham, son of Edward and Ellen Wilson (Carr) Wade, was born in Albany, July 3, 1867. He received his education at the Albany Academy, and following in the footsteps of his father took up the law as his profession. He married, March 3, 1892, Anna Bergen, of Fargo, North Dakota, daughter of Theodore Bergen. Children:

Edward Bergen, born December 28, 1892, died March 14, 1895; Dudley Bradstreet, born December 27, 1894, died September, 1897; Edward, born March, 1897; Dudley B., born September, 1899; Richard, born October 30, 1902; Ellen Annan, born November 18, 1905. (VIII) Dudley Bradstreet, son of Edward and Ellen Wilson (Carr) Wade, was born July 7, 1880, in Albany. He received his education in Albany high school and graduated at the Albany Law School; he followed his profession in Albany, where he has a fine clientage. Mr. Wade married, June 27, 1906, Lela Maude Countryman, of Little Falls, New York. They have one son, Dudley Bradstreet Wade Jr., born in Albany, June 17, 1907.

Benjamin Wilson, the great-grandfather of Edward Upham and Dudley Bradstreet Wade, was born in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, November 28, 1763. He married Sarah Montgomery Henderson, born at Castle Montgomery, Ireland, died in Albany, about 1844. He died September, 1849, of cholera. Benjamin, and his brother, Joseph, were coopers by trade, and for many years were engaged in the wholesale grocery business. James, son of Joseph Wilson, established the first grocery business of any importance in Albany, and was styled the father of merchants in that city. He had a daughter, Ellen Montgomery, born in 1803, married, May 29, 1831, her cousin, Dr. Sylvester Carr. She died November 29, 1838. Children:

James Wilson, born May 13, 1832; resided in Detroit, Michigan, in 1909; married (second) Harriet K. Cobb. Benjamin, born 1834; died in San Francisco, 1863. Ellen, born February 5, 1838; married, October 27, 1863, Edward Wade (see Wade VII).