Family:Claude Benoit and Anne Cormier (1)


Claude Benoit married Anne Cormier ABT 1750. Their son Etienne was born ABT 1751.S1

On 14 August 1763, their names (with 2 male children and 1 female child) appeared on a list of Acadian families distributed in New England.S3

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    CLAUDE BENOIT, ne vers 1730, probablement le fils de Pierre et d'Anne-Marie Gaudet, de Pisiguit, Acadie, marie vers 1750 a Anne Cormier. Enfant: Etienne, vers 1751.

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    14 August 1763. Province of Massachusetts. Government of Boston. General List of Acadian families currently distributed in New England: Claude Benoist, his wife Anne, two male children, 1 female child.