Family:Christian Schneider and Susanna Beck (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] Abt. 1772 Heidelberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States
8 Mar 1829
Bef. 1855
Bef. 1855
Bef. 1855

Probably the most authoritative source for this family is the will of son Daniel, dated 1855, who named his siblings. He names Jacob (and daughter Elizabeth Metzger), Maria wife of Johannes Bausch, Susanna wife of John George Schneider, Christian (and wife Elizabeth, son Elias, daughter Polly Peter), Friederich, Barbara wife of Simon Schneider, Elizabeth wife of Daniel Hunsicker, John.

There is no guarantee that this is all the siblings, particularly in regards to ones that may have died young, or may have died before 1855 with no heirs. Source:Hollenbach, Raymond E. Schneider-Snyder Families of Heidelberg agrees that Freidrich, Maria, Christian, Daniel and John are children of this family, but has the following differences:

  • Johan George, used son-in-law instead of daughter Susanna?
  • Margaret m. Conrad Hartman, wrong family?
  • Wilhelm m. Maria Hartman, wrong family?
  • Eva m. Henrich Hunsicker, instead of Elizabeth m. Daniel Hunsicker?
  • Michael m. Juliana, almost definitely wrong family based on age
  • Peter m. Salome Geiger, almost definitely wrong family based on age
  • did not list Jacob
  • did not list Barbara (or her husband Simon)

Other complications arise regarding identifying the children, even when the name of the child is known.

  • Hollenbach says Christian Schneider (1779-1842) m. Elizabeth Hauser (1782-1862). He appears to be right as Elizabeth is living with Christian's son Elias in 1860 as a widow but disappears before 1870. However, there is another Christian Schneider (1785-1845) m. Elizabeth Rex (gravestone at Heidelberg: "Schneider, Elisabeth, geb. [nee] Rex, gv [wife of] Christian Schneider [born] Dec. 10, 1787, [died] Mar. 26, 1872"), so care must be exercised.
  • Hollenbach says son Daniel is either Daniel (1788-1864) -or- Daniel (1796-1854) who m. Susanna Ebert and had 10 children. Daniel's will names his siblings, but no wife and no children, so the first option is probably the correct one. Plus the date of 1855 is after the other Daniel had already died.
  • The identification of Johannes/John Schneider as husband of Maria Barbara Hausman is pretty clear, but care must be taken with their children as there is a Johannes and Maria Barbara (Kistler) Schneider in New Tripoli just a few years older than them. It is probable that the Michael and Peter attributed to Christian by Hollenbach are actually children of this couple?

The confusion here would seem to require good primary sources before placing children in this family that aren't mentioned in Daniel's will. --Jrich 17:44, 31 July 2010 (EDT)

  1. The estimated marriage date of about 1772 is the birth date of eldest child Jacob 27 Aug 1773. The marriage was probably not before 1771 when Susanna became of legal age.