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Image:Green Flag.jpg This page will be folded into more recent work shortly. The following is currently being updated. The data that appears here is based on publically available data on the Cowan YDNA project site at FTDNA, combined with additional information readily available on the web. No "private" data should appear here. Please contact Q 13:44, 29 February 2012 (EST), if any privacy issues arise.


Cowan YDNA Project Group Summary


See YDNA. Cowan Groups#Background. Note: Some kit numbers appear with a colored background. Similarly colored kit numbers indicate exact YDNA matches.

Seven Cowan Brothers

7 Brothers CoreThis is the largest subgroup within the Seven brothers SuperGroup, and probably represents the lines closest to Flemings original "Seven Brothers" concept, said by Fleming to have settled in PA in 1726. Fleming offers no direct source to support this idea, and no confirming evidence has been discovered. Their earliest well documented presence is their appearance in the Old Augusta, Albermarle area in the 1730's, in association with the extended Person:Michael Woods (1) family who immigrated from PA by about 1733.
179625 R1b1a267
35133 Person:Robert Cowan (10) in Jefferson County TN
Robert married Susannah Woods in Botetourt County, VA, sometime before 1776. During the Revolution he moved south into what is now Greene County, TN, dying there between 1789 (last property purchase) and 1797 (when sons sell his property). He had several sons who either remained in Jefferson County, or moved south, first to Blount County, and then to Franklin County by 1800.
Robert & Susannah Woods Cowan, son John R1b1 67
7377 Robert & Susannah Woods Cowan, son John R1b1a2 37
10883 J.L. Cowan b. 1822 TN & Almira S. Mahal Vance (KY) R1b1a2 37
160416 R1b1a2 37
89028 James Cowan; KY, Cumberland Co R1b1a2 67
49023 grandson of Person:William Cowan (49) 1793-1880, b. KY James Alvis Cowan R1b1a2 67
11081 Andrew Cowan (1812 in Alabama -1884)

m. in Indiana Matilda Driskill (1817/1818 in Kentucky-Bef. 1867)

Andrew Cowan b 1812 TN and Matilda Driskel b KY R1b1a2 37
19612 Person:Mathew Cowan (1) 1777-1865
Sumner, Jackson, and Putnam Counties TN
Mathew Cowan b. 1777 & Catherine Trousdale R1b1a2 37
54325 Mathew Cowan, 1777-1865 R1b1a2 25
12443 Person:William Cowan (12) Settled in Castles Woods, Southwest Virginia, soon after the area was opened for settlement in 1769; after the Revolution moved to kentucky (briefly), before settling in Blount County TN near his brotherinlaw John Walker IV of the Wigton Walker line. William & Jane Walker Cowan; Blount Co. TN R1b1a2 67
26038 Person:William Cowan (12) through son Person:John Cowan (33) b. Castles Woods Viriginia, married Blount County TN, died Alabama John Alexander Cowan(1775-1821) m Rosannah Gillispie R1b1a2 37
189630 person:William Cowan (12) through son Andrew; Person:William Cowan (12) Settled in Castles Woods, Southwest Virginia, soon after the area was opened for settlement in 1769; after the Revolution moved to kentucky (briefly), before settling in Blount County TN near his brotherinlaw John Walker IV of the Wigton Walker line. Andrew Cowan m Hettie Houston (Blount/Bradley Co., R1b1a2 67
7381 Person:Jonathan Cowan (1)
grandson of Person:Andrew Cowan (5) through son [[person:John Cowan (42)]]
Jonathan Cowan, b 1803, Jefferson County, TN R1b1a2 37
11178 Samuel F. Cowan b. Tenn. moved to Missouri; then Texas in 1850. Married Candace Neil Colbreath as it appears on son Andrew's death certificate. However, on the death certificate both Sam and his wife were listed as having been born in Missouri." Father may have been "Franklin Cowan" of TN Samuel Franklin Cowan, b. Missouri?,d Texas 1883 R1b1a2 37
34656 Joseph Cowan b.c. 1820 married in Dandridge, TN R1b1a2 37
7376 Person:Samuel Cowan (23) Samuel & Sarah Keith Cowan R1b1a2 37
7384 WILLIAM ANDREW COWAN was born 23 November 1853 in TN, and died 12 July 1940 in Fannin Co. TX. He married MARTHA ELLEN JAMES 1 October 1876 in Collin Co. TX, daughter of AARON JAMES and Ellen MILLICAN William Andrew Cowan, b; 1853 TN m. Martha James R1b1a2 67
45027 Person:David Cowan (1)
Probably came from Cumberland County PA , Associated with the Family of person:Michael Woods (1) who settled in Albemarle in early 1730's
Lived Albemarle Co, VA c1740-1770

Settled in Castles' Woods by 1769

Sevier Co, TN aft Rev
David Cowan; Sevier Co. TN R1b1a2 67
58823 Believed to be a Non-Surname Match R1b1a2 67
23147 Andrew Matthew Cowan b. ca 1759 in either N.C./Va. Married Martha Evans (sister of Capt' Nathaniel Evans of Tenn.) perhaps through son "Champion"? Cowan b. ca 1805-15 in Sevier County, Tenn. Andrew Matthew Cowan, b. c. 1759, VA. ? R1b1a2 67
162860 R1b1a2 37
58024 Climal/Clemuel Cowan bc 1860 McMinn, TN, (married Sarah Kisner in Sept. 1879), through son(?) William Henry Cowan born c1887 Climal Cowan b abt 1860 McMinn Co, TN USA R1b1a2a1a1b4b 67
14523 County Down Ireland 1808 R1b1a2 37
132630 R1b1a2 37
83345 Person:James Cowan (13) of Beverley's Manor
through son Person:John Cowan (38)
through son Person:John Cowan (35)=Susannah Glover
John Cowan m Susannah Glover; Old 96th District SC R1b1a2 67
7 Brothers Core?Members of this group certainly lie within the Seven Brothers Supergroup, and based on lineage data probably belong the the Seven Brothers Core. These kits were tested at a limited number of markers, and definitive placement based on YDNA data would not be appropriate.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
28890 William & Jane Walker Cowan; Blount Co. TN R1b1a2 25
23925 William & Jane Walker Cowan; Blount Co. TN R1b1a2 25
13547 James & Hannah Woods Cowan, Sr., son Hiram R1b1a2 25
7386 James & Hannah Woods Cowan, Sr., son James R1b1a2a1a1b4b 25
124273 James & Hannah Woods Cowan, Sr., son James R1b1a2a1a1b4b 12
7 Brothers Cowan-MorganThis subgroup is dominated by descendants of William Cowan and Cynthia Morgan. Two kits use the "Coyne" Surname variant, and trace their descent from Ireland about 1830; they are presumably descended from a common pre-immigrant ancestor to the William Cowan lines. A Fifth lineage, that traceing descent to Andrew Cowan=Margaret Evans in Sevier Co Tn presumably traces to a post immigrant ancestor in common with the William Cowan lines, but with 25 markers being tested, placement is uncertain.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
11680 William Cowan was born about 1800 in Tennessee, according to census records. On December 8, 1822, he married Cynthia Morgan. The couple lived in Marion County TN; they had 11 children including 6 sons:
Samuel C.,
Benjamin Franklin or “Doc”,
Francis M., and
William & Cynthia Morgan Cowan, Marion Co, TN R1b1a2a1a1b4b 25
37467 William & Cynthia Morgan Cowan, son Seabird R1b1a2 37
7382 William & Cynthia Morgan Cowan, Marion Co, TN R1b1a2 37
13184 William & Cynthia Morgan Cowan, Marion Co, TN R1b1a2 37
16796 James Cowan b. VA 1775 d Meigs County, TN 1841 R1b1a2 67
34096 Wm Cowan, son Samual Pleasant Cowan, Hunt Co,TX R1b1a2 37
N32460 Person:Thomas Coyne (1)? Thomas Coyne, b. ca. 1830, Ireland nr. Athlone R1b1a2a1a1b4b 111
N49082 John Coyne, b. ca. 1830 nr. Athlone R1b1a2 67
66884 Some lineages place this couple in Abbeville, SC, others in Sevierville TN. Possibly two different couples by the same name, possibly a source of error. Needed to document the history of this particular family line. See: Person:Andrew Cowan, Justice of Sevier, TN Andrew Cowan m Martha Evans, Sevier Co, TN R1b1a2 25
7 Brothers OutliersThe following kits do not match at all well with each other, but seem to share a relatively recent ancestry with the 7 Brothers Super Group. While members of this group do not seem to have a very recent common ancestor with descendants of the 7 Brothers, they match the Seven Brothers group better than any other group.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
157852 R1b1a2 37
36101 Cowan-Morgan Outlier? Bayfield, Colorado R1b1a2a1a1b4b 67
14740 Cowan-Morgan Outlier? Edward Coen b 1783, Ranamacken, Galway, IRE R1b1 37
164044 Non-Surname Distant Match Unknown due to an adoption R1b1a2a1a1b4b 67
169298 Non-Surname Distant Match Michael Noonan b. 1790 d. After 1870 67
72499 John Cowan 1811; 1845 Knockaldie, m Margaret McNeil R1b1a2 12
87101 Too Few markers to Place accurately R1b1a2 12
107609 Too Few markers to Place accurately Jeremiah Cowan ; Old 96th District, SC R1b1a2 12


Scituate. This group is characterized by having YDNA results consistent with the E1B1 haplogroup; this is a relatively uncommon haplogroup among families associated with Scot-Irish lineages, and may reflect a line immigrating to Scotland at an early date, from the Mediterranean or further south. Limited heritage information is currently available for these kits. All three kits point to an early importation to Scituate Mass, possibly with a John Cowen as the immigrant ancestor. "Most researchers believe that John arrived in Boston in February 1652 aboard the ship "John & Sara." The ship's passenger list included 261 Scots who had been taken prisoner by Oliver Cromwell's forces at the Battle of Worcester on September 3, 1651. One of the Scots on the passenger list was John Coehon (Colquhoun) and it is generally thought that it was this man who appears in Scituate town records as John Cowin/Cowen." fide Lee Cowing, 27 april 2011.
Kit Comment Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
Scituate A Subgroup
178649 E1b1b1 37
Scituate B Subgroup
187781 John Cowen (b. 1692 Scituate?) E1b1b1 12
79041 John Cowing (Colquhoun) of Scotland to Mass 1651 E1b1b1b1b 37
71980 Cowen; Scituate, Massachusetts E1b1b1 37

Wythe County

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Wythe County Cowans
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
79227 Samuel Cowan, Wythe Co, VA b1815 d 1866 G 25
84853 Person:Samuel Cowan (29) Samuel Thomas Cowan b. 1816 Wythe Co., VA G 25

Old 96

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Members of this group trace their descent from Andrew Cowan (1742-1786) and wife Ann. This couple lived in the portion of "Old 96 District" that later became Abbeville County. Other Cowans lived in this same general area, including members of the Seven Brothers Group.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
109152 Andrew Cowan d 1789 wife Ann R1b1a2 37
104481 Andrew Cowan d 1789 wife Ann R1b1a2 37

Pequea Creek

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The Pequea Creek Cowans Core settled on Pequea Creek, in Lancaster County, PA, before 1721. They are believed to have come to Pennsylvania from the Cheviot Hills area of Scotland (See: The British Origins of the Pequea Valley Cowans). Descendants sharing the YDNA signature of this group are very clearly demarcated from other groups, with no other person currently in the test (as of April 2011) matching more closely than about 25% based on yALL test results. Note that not all members of this group necessarily descended from Pequea Creek Settlers. Some may may descend from ancestors who immigrated separatly, or may not have left Scotland.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
11152 James Cowan ; Selkirkshire, Scotland R1b1a2 67
134213 Henry Rowley, 1595 ; 1673 London Middlesex R1b1a2a1a1b3 67
130149 John Cowings 1720 Ryton, County Durham, England R1b1a2a1a1b3 67
26699 John and Elizabeth settled on Pequea Creek in modern Lancaster County, sometime around 1720. Son William moved to Rowan County NC about ?. Immigrant John & Elizabeth Cowan; son Wm. R1b1a2 37
45875 Immigrant John & Elizabeth Cowan; son Wm. R1b1a2 37
79370 Immigrant John & Elizabeth Cowan; son Wm. R1b1a2 37
7375 Henry, son of John and Elizabeth, moved to Fourth Creek, Rowan county, NC, by 1785. He died c1800. His wife Jean died the following year Source:Fleming, 1971 Immigrant John & Elizabeth ? Cowan; son Henry R1b1a2 67
14156 John, son of John and Elizabeth, was born about 1723, moved to Rowan County NC about 1750, dying there after 1789. Source:Fleming, 1971 Immigrant John & ElizabethCowan; son John R1b1a2 37
77219 Christopher Cowan ; Rowan/Iredell Co, NC R1b1a2 37
112002 Joseph Skiles Cowan R1b1a2 37
57011 Joseph Skiles Cowan (1777-1846) R1b1a2 25
18577 Joseph Skiles Cowan (1777; 1846) R1b1a2 67
180975 R1b1a2 37
35621 R1b1a2 37
131374 R1b1a2 37
124205 R1b1a2 37
102548 R1b1a2 37
Pequea Creek Outlier A. All but one kit in this group show an exact 12/12 marker match (0% dissimiliarity) with each other, and modest 11/12 matches with the core Pequea Creek Group, and with PCO B. One kit, testing at 111 markers, shows slight similarity to this group (matching 11/12). Despite having tested for 111 markers, this kit shows only weak matches with the Pequea Creek group, and with the Isle of Mann Group.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
139392 R1b1a2 12
162433 R1b1a2 12
83808 R1b1a2 12
99544 R1b1a2 12
83266 R1b1a2 12
90218 R1b1a2 12
104544 R1b1a2 12
52021 William Riley McCowan, b. 1828, Wayne Co., KY R1b1a2a1a1b4g 111
Members of Pequea Creek Outlier Group B show modest matches for each other, and for PCO A and C.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
29705 Francis McCown b abt 1710 Ireland d 1761 Virginia R1b1a2a1a1b4 111
93399 William Alfred Edwards, 1882 ; 1955 R1b1a2 67
Isle of Mann. This group shows weak internal affinities (typically 23/25, 8.3% dissimilarity), and an equally weak affinity to Pequea Creek Outlier A. The family history information provided for members of this group is limited. One of the five kits (37 markers) gives its origin as on the Isle of Mann, c. 1350. Whether other members of this group have any relationship to the Isle of Mann is unknown. Given the fact that three of the four kits tested at 25 markers, and the relatively weak interrelationships, it would not be surprizing to find the relationships between these four individuals break down with further testing.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
89718 R1b1a2 12
132282 R1b1a2 25
2640 Cowin ; Isle of Mann 1300's R1b1a2 37
46345 R1b1a2 25
25655 Wm M. Cowin b (1820; 30) TN?MO m JennetteWoolsey R1b1a2 25
Pequea Creek Outliers. Members of this group tend to show modest affinities toward each other, and slight affinity toward other members of the Pequea Creek Super Group.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
41836 Richard Fancher, b.1700 R1b1a2a1a1b4 67
83960 Scotland R1b1a2 12
86584 Alexander Cowan b 1769 East Lothian, Scotland R1b1a2 12
89545 R1b1a2 12
7388 Edward Coyan, Cowan, Coyn bc1755 Ulster R1b1a2 25
190429 R1b1a2 67
133632 Robert Cowan b. 1744 d. 1826 R1b1a2 67
181408 Margaret Eileen Young CowanAugust 4, 1920; 2001 R1b1a2a1a1b4 37
180079 Allen R1b1a2a1a1b4 67
44773 John Cowan b. c. 1811 IRE, d. 1879 SOUTH AUSTRALIA R1b1a2a1a1b4 67
164964 R1b1a2 37

Scotland Now

The only thing known about the members of this group is their original designation "Scotland Now". Presumably the owners of these two kits currently live in Scotland. At 12 markers they show no particular affinity for any other group.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
86700 R1b1a2 12
89540 R1b1a2 12

Cowans Gap

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The Cowan's Gap Cowans group is characterized by kits traceing their descent to one of the early Cowan Settlers in Bedford/Fulton County who located near Cowan's Gap shortly before the end of the Revolution, OR to descendants of Hugh Cowan who settled on the Octoraro Creek in Chester/Lancaster County about 1720. The Cowans of Cowan's Gap may be descendants of Hugh. Both groups share the same I1 haplogroup and a similar overall YDNA signature. See discussion at Octoraro Creek Cowans. Fleming, 1971, placed Hugh Cowan of Octoararo Creek within his "Four Brothers" group. The other three "brothers" lived nearby on Pequea Creek. We now know that Hugh of Octoraro was unrelated to the "Pequea Creek Cowans", but is closely related to the Cowan's Gap Cowans.
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
170459 Beaton/Cowan I1 67
140726 John Cowan, 1831; 1902, Fulton County, PA I1 111
111074 Cowan's from Cowan's Gap, PA I1 37
117266 presumed descendant of Hugh Cowan of Octoraro Creek Joseph Cowan b 1827 I1 25
131187 I1 37

Knoxville Merchants

YDNA. Knoxville Merchant Cowan Group Samuel and Nathaniel Cowan settled in Knoxville TN, before 1793. They were among the towns earliest settlers, and established a store on what is now Gay Street. There are numerous records for them in the area, showing their role as merchants. James Cowan also settled here, and is thought by researchers to be the brother of the better known Samuel and Nathaniel. Based on YDNA results there are several lines of descent with comparable YDNA. Most of these lines seem to point to a South Carolina locale. The designation "Knoxville Merchants Cowan Group", is arbitrary, and does not mean that others belonging to this group are descended from Samuel, Nathaniel or James, or that those lines even passed through Knoxville. There are records that show that Samuel and Nathaniel Cowan had numerous business dealings in Blount County. There are specific records showing that they had dealings with various Cowan's from that area. This is sometimes taken to imply a family connection. However, YDNA for descendants of the Blount County Cowans shows that they are in the Seven Cowan Brothers Group, and do not show a common Cowan Ancestor with the Knoxville Cowans.

YDNA analysis shows that members of this group are very closely related, typically differening no more than

Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
156315 R1a1a 37
9142Homman Website John Cowan was born Abt. 1720 in North Carolina, died 1775 in NC. Married Margaret Unknown. John Cowan b. abt 1720 d. 1775 NC , will 12 April 1775, Children:Hannah, John (b. Abt. 1750, d. Abt. 1783), William( b. Abt. 1755, d. 1785) .

Mary b. 18/Mar/1768, Anson/Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, d. 07/Feb/1832, Lincoln County, Tennessee].

R1a1a 67
26986 Rootsweb COWAN, John (ca 1720 to 1786) m. SHIELDS, Mary. John COWAN believed to own land in Hunterdon Co. on Spruce Run....[Purchased] a 311 acre tract in Berkeley Co. VA (now Jefferson Co WV) in Nov. 1774] John Cowan; 1735 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey R1a1a 67
97821 David Cowan b 1755 in Virginia, United States, m. 1786 Ceclia Jenny Garrison in Laurens, Laurens, South Carolina, United States; Father of James Cowan, Mary Magdaline Polly Cowan, Francis Cowan, Celia Cowan, Rebecca Adeline Cowan, Anne Anna Cowan and David Cowan Jr; Died November 1826 in Laurens, Laurens, South Carolina, United States (GenWiki)] David Cowan 1755; 1826, Co. Antrim, No. Ireland R1a1a 67
7758 David Cowan; Born abt 1755 VA>SC. R1a1a 67
9970 David & Celia Garrison Cowan ; Laurens County, SC R1a1a 37
7989 Elijah Cowan ca 1800 NC>GA>LA R1a1a 67
18756 John Cowen, d. 1837 Chester Co. SC R1a1a 37
17581 John Cowen, d. 1837 Chester Co. SC R1a1a 25
7379 Person:James Cowan (35) James Cowan m Margaret C. Russell; Knoxville, TN R1a1a 37
105964 James Cowan/Margaret Moore, St. Clair, AL, SC>AL R1a1a 37
72500 R1a1a 67

No match

No Match Found
Kit Note Lineage Data Haplogroup N-markers
10913 Myrick; mother Cowan ; None Shown 12
13583 E1b1b1 25
14479 Hugh Cowan, b.c. 1765 Ireland > PA >TN>KY > IN R1b1a2 37
14520 Joseph Cowan, 1710; 1812, Dumfriesshire, Scotland R1b1a2 37
22497 Guy Newton Cowan m Mary Elizabeth Hyden I1 37
29270 John Cowan b 1789 Allegheny Co PA R1b1a2 67
33023 James B. Cowan, b.1777 MD I1 37
40546 R1b1a2a1a1b4 12
51397 James Cowan ; Olde Cumnock, Scotland > CT R1b1a2 12
53824 Coward ; Bertie Co, NC R1b1a2 12
79473 R1b1a2 37
83702 Alexander Cowan ; Penicuik Paper Mills, Scotland I2b1a 12
126442 R1a1a 37
133910 David Cowan, b. 1805,Virginia R1b1a2 37
134467 Jeremiah Cowan ; Old 96th District, SC R1b1a2 37
137877 R1a1a 12
142621 Kauhn; Germany, Immigrated 1850 became Cowan T1 37
147001 Jerry Burdette Cowan1825; 1903 R1b1a2 37
148768 Patrick Cowan R1b1a2a1a1b4b 67
160362 Andrew Coe, 1755; ??, Albany, NY J2a4b1 37
180873 John Salmond, 1753, Edinburgh, Scotland J2 37
191096 Charles Wheeler Underwood, b. 1879, Alabama R1a1a 67
N25310 Robert Cowen born Conn 1765 / m. Lydia Harrell R1b1a2 37
N42581 James McCown R1b1a2a1a1b 67
N5083 Q 12


Cowan YDNA results, as presented on FTDNA, have been analyzed using the yALL program. The data were extracted 4 October 2011. The following identifies and characterizes the genealogically independent groups based on this analysis. See Footnote below for technical background.[1]

Some of the kits did not compare favorably with any other kits currently available. These kits are labeled "No match".

Two very large, "super groups" have been identified, "The Seven Brothers", and the "Pequea Creek". Both groups include "outliers" that match some, but not all (or even most) of the other members. Typically, outliers are placed within a supergroup because they match more closely with members of that group, than any other, but also exceed the acceptance critieria. Additional work is needed within these supergroups to sort out their internal relationships.

Please note that the assigned group names are somewhat arbitary, and are often based on where ancestors associated with specific kits were living. Some members of the group may have no obvious ties to the group name, but are placed within the group simply because of YDNA similarity.

The "Lineage" sections provides such information as was made available by the test subject. Additional information has been provided where available in the "notes" section. Lineage data are provided "for consideration", and the interested user should not presume that they are necessarily correct.

Technical Information describing the run is identified below.:

Data Extraction Date:October 4, 2011
Run Date:October 6, 2011, 19:38:3
Run Name:Cowan ReGrouping