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Person:Samuel Cowan (29)
Interpreting a Similarity Matrix



A search of Source:Kegley and Kegley indicates a number of Cowan's marriage records in the early 19th century Wythe County area. These records imply that Cowan's were present in the area before the turn of the century, but little information is available about them. At least two participants in the Cowan YDNA project trace their descent from a Samuel Cowan in Wythe County. Presumably this Samuel Cowan is connected in some way to the records cited in Source:Kegley and Kegley. The YDNA results for these descendants shows that their ancestors were in the "G" haplogroup. No other "G" haplogroup Cowan descendants have as yet been identified.

Kits 79227 and 84853 appear to trace their descent to the same person. Though one kit owner identifies him as Samuel Cowan, and the other as Samuel Thomas Cowan, both have him born at about the same time in Wythe County. These kits differ from each other by 1.2% dissimmiarity, and would be considered to be "tightly related" based on FTDNA critieria---were it not for the fact that they tested at 25 markers. The third kit 230146 is a non-surname match at 8.3% dissimilarity with the other two kits, but tested at 12 markers. While it is very likely that the descendants who took the YDNA test in the first two instances are in fact probably related, this is based as much on their stated lineages as it is on their YDNA results. Whether or not the third kit is in fact related to them is uncertain, as a 12 marker match at 8.3% could be obtained simply by chance.


79227Person:Samuel Cowan (29)1816, Wythe VA1866 Wythe VA1839 Wythe VAJames CowanNancy HayesMaragaret Maria Halsey
84853Person:Samuel Cowan (29)1816 Wythe VA1866 Wythe VA1839 Wythe VAJames CowanNancy HayesMaragaret Maria Halsey
230146Charles Correll1816, Somerset [MD?]1893, Cherokee Kansas Abigail Betts