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At first, buffaloes were so plenty that a party of three or four men, with dogs, could kill from ten to twenty in a day; but soon the sluggish animals receded before the advance of white men, hiding themselves behind the mountain wall. An ordinary hunter could slaughter four or five deer in a day; in the autumn, he might from sunrise to sunset shoot enough bears to provide over a ton of bear-bacon for winter use; wild turkeys were easy prey ; beavers, otters, and muskrats abounded; while wolves, panthers, and wildcats overran the country. From: Source:Thwaites, 1902 3:17


Big GameOther MammalsBirds Other
Woodland Buffalo Beaver Passenger Pigeon Rattlesnake spp
Black Bear Otter Turkey Copperhead
Grey Wolf Muskrat
Mountain Lion Fox
Wildcat gray squirrel
White Tailed Deer opossum

Elk Cottontail Rabbit
Striped Skunk

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