Are you interested in helping to translate WeRelate's interface to other languages? If so, please visit one of the following pages and start translating the text on the right-hand side from English to the respective language.

If you are interested in other languages, please leave a message on the talk page.


The non-English text should replace the English text that is to the right of the "=>".

For example, the line:

   'CompareParents' => "Compare parents"

might be updated for French to read:

   'CompareParents' => "Comparer les parents"

For some messages, special syntax is used. In particular, a dollar sign followed by a digit, like "$2", is used to represent a parameter like a user name or page name that will be plugged in at the time the message is output. The translation should keep these $9 parameters in the message, but locate them in a position in the translated phrase that is appropriate for the particular language.

Some messages will also have special HTML or wiki codes in them which generally should be preserved in the translation. For instance, "<p>" may appear to indicate a paragraph break, or "<b>" to indicate that bold text should appear.

When you are ready to have the latest version of your translated messages appear on the website, leave a message on the talk page and I will take care of it.--Dallan 00:54, 5 July 2014 (UTC)