WeRelate:Fact Subsets and Display


In the context of person pages associated with nobility and royalty, it has recently been observed that it would be nice to have titles appear in a group separate from other facts (for example, see Willem Carel Hendrik Friso van Nassau-Diez or William I of the Netherlands). Unfortunately, this can only be done at present by abandoning the use of fact fields and entering the information carefully formatted in the narrative. These both seem like unfortunate compromises.

It seems that there should be alternatives to this, which would allow titles of nobility to continue to be entered as facts (and emitted as such in a GEDCOM), while formatting them separately. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a new fact type for such titles. Facts are entered as today but labelled with the new type when appropriate. By some combination of page save-time and display-time steps, the noble titles would be placed below (or above?) the other facts, and given different appropriate formatting.
  • Define a property template that prints nothing, but can be placed in the description field for any individual fact. The parameter of the template would be a subtitle for facts on that individual page. Users would be free to define groupings of any sort - specific to any given page - while still tracking all the facts associated with an individual.
  • Add a new field to facts - that emits a pull down of allowed fact sub-sections - and allow facts to be displayed in different standard groups as may be desired.