WeRelate:Data Quality Tasks/Events out of order


Events Out of Order

A person page may have facts or events in an impossible order, such as facts/events occurring before birth, or facts/events that require the person to be alive occurring after death. Most common reasons for this are:

  • a typo in a date - the birth or death date or the date of another fact/event
  • a page that conflates two or more people - that is, one page represents the information for two or more real people
  • an event (e.g., residence, immigration) applied to all members of a family even though some members were not alive at the time

Find and Fix

In the future, WeRelate might be programmed to catch such occurrences at data entry time, but in the meantime, there are many errors to correct. Please check the Events out of order list and see where you can help by fixing date errors.

Note: If you can see that there is an obvious typo in a date, please don't assume that it is just the century or the decade that is wrong. It is common to accidentally reverse the century and the decade, or to repeat one digit when repeating another digit was intended. For example:

  • don't assume that 1984 should be 1884 - maybe it should be 1894
  • don't assume that 1883 should be 1783 - maybe it should be 1773

Add the Source

While you are correcting the data, please go one step further. If the correct information is not already in a source citation on the page, please add the source citation for your correction.