Walker Revolutionary War Pension Applications from Southern Campaigns

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Given NamePension Statement #Place Test.Date Test.Age Test.DOBPOBDODPODPlace EnlistedDate Enlisted SpouseDOBPOBDOMPOMnotesProbable Person

Alexander R11040 5 Jan 1846 Rockbridge VA (by son Archibald B. 1820 Augusta (Battle of Point Pleasant); Cowpens, Guilford CH, Yorktown Campaign 1774 Jane (died 13 Dec 1843 Sept 1777 Rockbridge Children Archibald B Walker, Elizabeth Walker, Priscilla Walker, Melinda Jane Kelso widow of Walker Kelso deceased of Kentucky & John C Walker of Indiana.; Alexander Walker was a gunsmith and repaired the arms of the company to which he belonged in addition to his other services.; On October 10, 1845 in Monroe County Virginia, Eleanor Walker gave testimony that she will be 80 years old the 29th day of next November; that she is the sister of Jane Walker who died a year or 2 since in the County of Rockbridge; that Jane was the widow of Alexander Walker; that the marriage of Jane and Alexander took place about 68 years ago in the month of September; that at the time affiant was nearly 12 years old; that she was living at the time with her uncle Edward Hall in the County of Augusta; The said Alexander Walker lived on Hays Creek in Rockbridge County and had married a lady whose maiden name was Jane Stuart; Elizabeth Stuart of Rockbridge County gave testimony that she is 78 years of age as of March next; that her husband, Robert Stuart is deceased and was the brother of Jane Walker, widow of Alexander Walker of Hays Creek Rockbridge County Virginia; that she has been intimately acquainted with James Stuart for more than 60 years; that she, affiant married Robert Stuart in 1789; at the time of affiant's marriage Jane Walker had 5 children the eldest of whom at that time was about 10 years old; that Jane Walker had been married about 2 years before she had her first child which would mean that she was married in the year 1777; that Jane and Alexander Walker raised 13 children; Alexander Stewart, the father-in-law of Alexander Walker Alexander (16) Wigton Walker Lineage

Alexander W8979
Andrew R11029 5th of October 1758. Londonderry Ireland Orange, N. C, 1779 or 1780 To NC in 1772 with parents, to Orange County, Via Wilmington (apparently went by sea)
Andrew S7830 Mechlenburg NC 8 Nov 1832 76 December the 5 day 1756 County of Entrom in Ireland died September 20, 1846, Came to Charlestown, America, from Ireland at age 11; Witnessed (at different points) by Thomas Walker, Jame Huey, John McAin, Andrew Walker, and John Walker JP; died 1847, "survived by at least one son, John Walker, 74, as of 1855 and a resident of Union County, NC"
Archibald /Archilaus NC9 Wash Co Ark 11 Jun 1833 78 or 79 1754 or 1755 Surry Co NC 1777
Buckley (Buckly) W6407 Person County, NC 20 Dec 1832 71 16 May 1838 Person County NC 10 June 1778 at age 16 Parents Moses Walker died Person County NC in 1806, = 17 July 1784MIldred Ramsey or Rumsey; seven children; Elizabeth “Betsy”, Mrs. Joel Chambers; Nancy, Mrs. John Brooks; Frances, Mrs. Henry Woody; Martha “Patsy”, Mrs. Reuben Brooks; and Jane, who was unmarried in 1838. Buckley and Millie Walker were also the parents of two sons, John and Jesse. Mildred Walker died in September 1849 and is listed in the 1850 Person County, North Carolina Mortality Schedule. Jesse Walker was the eldest son of Moses Walker. He was born about 1760 and died about 1795, leaving a widow, Frances, and seven children.
Charles S7802 Campbell Co VA 10 Sept 1832 72 as of 28 Sept next; age 72 on 10 June 1833 1760 3 Jan 1835 Pruets near mouth of Falling River, Bedford/now Campbell Co VA Aug 1780 Frances C. Was living on the waters of Falling River when Called into service; lived there from age 7 to "now" in 1832; On 19 June 1835 Frances C. Walker assigned power of attorney to an agent to collect the pension owed from the last payment to her deceased husband, Charles Walker, until his death on 3 Jan 1835.
Daniel R11035 Lincoln Co MO 30 Jan 1845 28 of January 1830 probably NC; widow says SC, but officer under whom he served (Gen. JOhn Butler) was an officer in the NC militia; later testimony suggests Caswell County State of North Carolina Elizabeth Walker nee O'Bannon 81 years old in 30 January 1845, 83 years in 27th day of June 1845 21Dec 1783 Guilford Co, NC Application by widow
Daniel W4613 State of Georgia County of Richmond: 13th day of November 1833 69 1764 Augusta Georgia Hannah nee Richardson, widow of Daniel Walker 10th or 11th day of June 1791 Newberry District South Carolina about 4 miles from the Court House on the 10th or 11th day of June 1791 I was living in Richmond County (now Columbia) in the State of Georgia when called into the service of my Country, where I resided some time after then removed to South Carolina, and then to Richmond County, State of Georgia, where I now reside.
David BLWt345-200
David R11033
David R11047


Given NamePension Statement #Place Test.Date Test.Age Test.<DOB>POBDODPODPlace EnlistedDate Enlisted SpouseDOBPOBDOMPOMnotes

Edward R11041
Edward S40640
Edward S41302
Elijah W6404
Francis R11037
George S3449
George S39115
George R. R11046
Green S7803
Henry S31459
Isaac S3446
James R11036
James S1265
James S3450
Jeremiah S31457
Jeremiah W6399
Jesse S18261


Given NamePension Statement #Place Test.Date Test.Age Test.<DOB>POBDODPODPlace EnlistedDate Enlisted SpouseDOBPOBDOMPOMnotes

John BLWt2230-100
John R11054
John S7796
John S39118 R11042

John S48765
John W64
John W4614
John W9875
John H. W27531
Joshua W8301


Given NamePension Statement #Place Test.Date Test.Age Test.<DOB>POBDODPODPlace EnlistedDate Enlisted SpouseDOBPOBDOMPOMnotes

Littleberry R11045
Mathias R11048
Memucan R11050
Michael R11055
Moses R11051
Oliver S18260
Peter BLWt1483-100
Reuben S3447
Richard W1108


Given NamePension Statement #Place Test.Date Test.Age Test.<DOB>POBDODPODPlace EnlistedDate Enlisted SpouseDOBPOBDOMPOMnotes

Samuel S1731
Samuel S3448
Samuel S16567
Samuel S39117
Solomon W4376
Tandy S42058
Thomas R18767
Thomas S6339
Thomas W6397
Thomas W6405
William S7800
William S14780
William S32573
William W6401
William J. S16011
William Needham S7814
William T. W6403